July 4

Hanged Man Rx: Let Go in Limbo


We live in a “vintage” little trailer in the woods, in a tourist area in the Ozarks. We use a cell phone for internet connection. It’s a little off-the-wall, the way we live right now, but it is what meets our needs the best.

Also, the trees are fabulous.

But for holidays, people come to the lake! The network gets over capacity and it becomes difficult to use the internet. I’m having trouble even uploading the images of the cards. That’s why I’m late this week. I mention this specifically because it’s a perfect example of how the energy feels this week, on a smaller scale.

LIKE THE REST OF MY LIFE, I’m doing what I can and letting the rest go while riding out any limbo. It works, until the time when it doesn’t, so you try something else.

Speaking of which…The forecast here is a lot like this.

Next Week in the Cards

I’ve dubbed the combination of the Hanged Man (rx) and Four of Swords as “limbo.” That’s what it is, you know. An itch to do something, with advice to just let it ride. That’s limbo. (Cards from the Star Tarot deck.)

A reversed Hanged Man is going to be cloudy, unsure. The fog will be thick, and you may not feel able to distinguish between what’s crazy and what’s solid very easily.

Advice here, Four of Swords: Sleep on it. Step back and let your invisible helpers, help. However (or whomever) you envision, let go and the the Gods do the godding.

Do what you can. Let the rest go. Choose the perspective that feels the best to you–not what you’re “certain” is the truest.  Sleep on it and let the fog clear. It always does.

Hang tight and have a good week, friends! I’m rooting for you.

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