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08/10/11: Taking it on Faith | The Hanged Man


hanged-man-tarotDealing with ugly circumstances is often easier than waiting to find out what the circumstances really are. At least once you know the facts, you can take action, doing the best you can with what you’ve got to work with. When you’re waiting on the facts, though, your imagination reigns and there’s little you can do to actually impact the situation.

The wait is excruciating. Unless you want to take Tarot’s advice.

Today’s Tarot is the Hanged Man or Spirit of the Mighty Waters, associated with Neptune. My primary keyword for the Hanged Man is faith—find it, use it, and rely on it. When you see the Hanged man, it’s absolutely your best bet.

The Hanged Man would have us take it all on faith—pray, channel love and light, or just let go, knowing the forces at work are not within your direct control. Direct action isn’t really an option, and besides, this is not your problem to solve. The outer reality is not within your realm to impact, so any work you do has to be on your inner reality.

Fortunately, inner reality work can be pretty damned effective at changing outer reality, too. At the very least, it has a big impact on your subjective experience.

Let go and trust—all is as it should be. Clarity comes in time but for now, good intention is enough.

You taking anything on faith?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Morgan-Greer, Neptune, The Hanged Man

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  1. I’m taking a lot of things on faith. Basically because I know there are many things I have no control over. World events, for example. I have been known to get frustrated with the daily news. I mean, it’s like all you see out there is yuck..yuck..and more yuck. I would vascilate between sticking my head in the sand and just getting mad or scared.

    I had to come to the conclusion, this is life Josi. Bad stuff happens. You have a responsibility in it. But that responsibility isn’t to save the world. It’s to save your part of it.

    So..what COULD I do? What is my responsibility? I can’t wrangle up all the drug dealer and murderers. I can’t fix our justice system or the politician mindset on my own. I can’t keep journalists from focusing completely only on the negative happenings in the world..kind of have to cut them a break there because reality is that there IS a lot of negative in the world right now.

    What I can do is, tilt my head to the side and look at the news from a different angle. Change my reaction to it. Instead of wishing it would all go away or becoming angry..I pray. I pray for safety and peace for the victims and families I read about. I pray for the world to grow some common sense. I pray that I will be able to stand strong and have enough clarity that if the time comes that I CAN do something more than just pray that I’ll be ready.

    The world is what it is. People are what they are. Bad things happen. This is how I will face it until pushed otherwise. Because, really dealing with it within myself is the first step to everything. And that’s not just for me. It’s for everyone. That is what I have faith in.
    lol..sorry..little rant there
    Excellent stuff today, as always, Dixie

  2. Yes, I’m dealing with this today. I have no control over the outcome. I can only pray that it is easy and stress free for the one I love.
    And in the meantime, I’m dealing with all the thoughts I have about the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. And letting them go.

  3. YES, I am. My daughter has taught/shown me about having FAITH & it’s so much easier for me because I’ve found my path & I’m a much calmer person now-thanks Dixie.

    A situation is reappearing, albeit in a different form & with different energy but it’s not mine nor do I really need to refer to it with such weight. I can now look back & see it wasn’t even mine to be OCD over in the first place. Of course you couldn’t have convinced me back then because I wanted to know everything, especially the destination. Meanwhile my my daughter was just trying to enjoy HER journey & I made the trip absolutely F#$%ING miserable for her & the rest of my family & friends.

    “The wait is excruciating.” No it’s not because there is nothing to wait for. I just have to live MY life, stay on MY path and RESPECT everyone is doing what’s best for them & have FAITH all will be as it should be.

    LOVE THE HANGMAN! Thank you my pink haired friend (((D)))

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