December 29

12/29/12: Let go to regain control | Hanged Man



Have you ever seen a more point-on rendition of the Hanged Man in your life?

The feel of the Hanged man is very Neptunian—it’s all in your perspective. Strength or weakness, winning or losing, victory or defeat come down to how you see it. He doesn’t show up in a reading when the deal is done. Instead, he shows us a time of limbo, outward inaction. (Okay, this fellow has a gun, but it’s not firing at the moment.) But under the surface, behind the scenes, all around him or even just inside his head, things ARE moving!

Around him, the Zombies are running rampant, as are the concerned onlookers. But he isn’t flinching, even managing to look fairly serene in what would largely be consider a rather precarious position. He appears to have ultimate faith that he’ll get what he needs. Being upside down, what he sees may well be the opposite of what everyone else perceives as real. But he’s not bothered. In being unshakable, he finds his center. That’s the source of his power.

Whatever has felt so life-and-death lately? Let go. Let go if it. Let go of it all. Let go of it now. You really don’t have a choice anyway. And isn’t looking for your center a lot better than pretending the worry and stress makes a helpful impact anyway?

(Yes, Tarot. I’m listening!)

Could you stand to let go?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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The Hanged Man, Zombie Tarot

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  1. I made this decision last night. I’ve been going crazy this week. JC having gout and being in so much pain, us having to make such drastic changes with no notice (HATE that!!!) … last night, I just stopped. I stepped outside of the me frozen in anger and fear, gave her a mental hug and left her freaking in the corner.

    I wrote all about it and sent the whole mess to a good friend who is just such a healing source… made a pumpkin pie, wrote some fanfic, spent two hours ignoring all responsibilities except immediate family needs and instead chatted with above friend and many others until I felt more rested than I have after sleep in a long time.

    I wish I could share with you that feeling … and freeze it for future emergency use. *hugs*

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