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07/17/12: No Know-it-Alls on the Road to Enlightenment | Hanged Man, 9 of Pentacles


When I was in my early twenties, I knew EVERYTHING. Really! I knew how to raise perfect kids, even though I hadn’t any. I knew what it took to run the perfect company, although I’d never done it. I knew what it took to have the perfect relationship, even though nobody would have assessed my own that way—including me! You didn’t always even need to ask. I was more than glad to share my genius. Har!

I had the know-it-all syndrome in spades. Since then, I’ve tried to grow a little humility. (With varying degrees of success, I might add.)

I see this tendency a lot with spiritually bent people. They KNOW the way and there is no other. Just ask them…or wait a minute, and you’ll hear it anyway. If I were to look at all the revelations I’ve had even over the last six month for God’s sakes, the danger of assuming I have it “all figured out” by now is beyond obvious. Don’t forget this when you’re out there a-preachin’ your truth, man.

Hanged Man 9 of Pentacles Meaning

Here we have the Hanged Man (Neptune) and the Nine of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo). There cards together equal a prescription for enlightenment! There’s beauty (Venus) the the details (Virgo). But you’ll never see that if you don’t transcend (Neptune) yourself.

In order to learn how the universe works, you must let GO of your convictions that you already know! If you don’t, there’s no space to fill with a more complete understanding. It’s in that void that comes in releasing your preconceptions, letting go of your time-honored (and maybe treasured) beliefs, done in the spirit of FAITH, that allows more to take root. You can’t observe what’s really happening if you’ve stopped looking at anything but confirmation of what you already think you know.

It takes discipline and more than a little trust to constantly question, always ready to have your worldview disrupted at a moment’s notice. It’s like perpetually being a child, an innocent. This is the Fool’s Journey, and some days, it’s tiresome! I miss the old days, back when I knew everything. It was easier, far less strife and adjustment than approaching my convictions as hypothesis, a life-long work in progress.

I’ve come to believe we get exactly what we need at exactly the right time. This presupposes that we may not—okay, most certainly don’t—have that full and complete understanding now. And that’s beyond okay. It’s exciting! Because I love the reaching higher, and as long as I walk this pile of Earth and rocks, I want to live basking in the glory of ongoing growth and illumination. When you life this way, another miracle is always around the corner to surprise.

Maybe I’m utterly wrong, of course. But for the moment, this is my working hypothesis. “_

Do you feel you’ve got it figured out?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Nine of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite, The Hanged Man

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  1. I almost think I have the opposite issue…. even since childhood, and YES even in teen years, I never supposed I knew it all, or knew it best, and I still question, question, question, everything, even as I come to find something true for me, I never say “This is the end all be all, I will never find anything truer than this”. But I wonder at times… can this go too far? To never have that feeling that you are on “solid ground” so to speak? Feeling like you are on a sea of shifting, melting patches of ice? Hmmm. Well, my current feeling is just to Go with it, lol and don’t fret so much, it’s been going pretty well these past two “weird” years by following the signs and the silent voice in my heart. Guess I’ll keep on keepin’ on, for now, until a “better way”? comes along.

    1. I do sometimes find it disorienting, Beth. But if I think of it as looking for the perfection of this moment, which is where I am, being in the right place for me right now, it’s easier.

  2. I was thinking about this just this morning and laughing at myself, Dixie. Remember the old Dylan song “My Back Pages”? One of the lyrics is “I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now.” Anytime we think we know it all, well…we eventually find out we don’t, even years later. Keeping the mind open lets us see some of those things that only the Hanged Man has in sight. I think one of my best moments came when I realized that 1) nothing is ever certain and 2) I don’t know squat.

  3. I recall exactly the moment my mother became smarter than me. It was the night my son was born. Up to that point I was certain she didn’t know anything that I needed to hear! Because of that I worked a lot harder rasing my kids to help them understand the wisdom and advantage of age and experience.

  4. Classic Dixie! This is awesome!!!

    Yes, I want to learn it all right NOW. I don’t like secrets. But you have psyched me up for the adventure of gradual revelations…

    1. You are not alone, sofie! I want to know it all, too. But I’ve decided, I have to be satisfied with what I’ve got at any given time, so may as well enjoy the ride…

  5. Ah the hanged man – he’s one of my significators so I pay attention when he shows up.

    I am on the bus and we have a know it all. She is a sweet little T girl in cut off shorts and slouched boots with a clever t shirt, who came from New York to Los Angeles and is therefore so very worldly and wants us to know.

    She is very inquisitive but only wants information that corroborates her own world view. And she thinks she is so clever because she can toss out a phrase or two in any language mentioned.

    In other words … She is me at 16. Lol

  6. That’s why it’s so important for me to be self aware. I analysis my behavior and readjust. This is part of the illusion of the hanged man. He can adjust easily. He’s fluid and watery. A chamelon.

    I’ve definitely had my moments where I am so so so certain of something only to read a new book or have a conversation with a stranger to understand something new about my persepective.

    And hey, I too thought I knew how to raise kids….and I was so so certain how to do it correctly. Lol until I had my own. like the time we thought it might be a good idea to tell my 4 year old daughter,” if you stop crying we will get you ice cream.” She stopped crying and we thought we were geniuses!!! Lol. Until we realized she started to associate crying with ice cream! Douh! We essentially were rewarding the crying with ice cream. It took a few more tantrums to realize what we had done. Then we had to have a hanged man moment, see it from a new perspective and readjust.

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