May 18

Everyday Tarot, 05/18/11: Making Friends with the Mustard / Death


death-card-housewives-tarotAdjusting to new realities as transitions progress is still on my radar, and it’s not just for me. Seeing it in consultation left and right; folks are in the process of getting oriented to new territory, after going through some sort of explosion, shot off amidst the Aries smack down.

Today, it’s Death or “Lord of the Gates of Death,” associated with Scorpio. Number XIII of the Trumps, it becomes one the Tarot Fours after reducing, so we’re talking about a stable condition. That jar of mayo is never returning to edible, man! If you stare at it long enough, it may turn some interesting colors. But the risk of contamination probably isn’t worth indulging an intellectual curiosity.

“There’s an empty space where the mayo used to sit and my sandwiches are never going to taste good again,” you could say. And as long as you’re there, you’ll have trouble enjoying anything else. Even the finest condiments pale in comparison to an idealized memory.  Reality can’t compete.

Or you might be tempted to nibble still—enough to get the punch without getting ill. Yeah…um… Hope that works out for you. Me? I’m thinking making friends with the mustard is a better idea!

Would you be my friend?Death is such an interesting card—I know people dislike it and get why, but I usually find it encouraging. I don’t believe in “good” and “bad” cards any more than good or bad planets. There IS easy and hard, however. Death is hard. But it’s also significant—Death refers to major changes. I’ll take significant over easy any day. If you don’t make room by clearing out the old, however much it’s meant to you, you’ll not have a place in your life for the new.

Tarot reminds us to let go of the past. Some mourning is likely, but rancor is optional. The sooner you clean out the energy space, the sooner that vacuum is filled with something fresh and (hopefully) wonderful!

Have you made friends with your mustard?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. I try to tell myself, “Would you rather deal with scary or stagnant?” Yes change is scary, yes there is fear of the unknown, but stagnant just stinks. Refer to drying up puddle outside full of stinky green slimy stuff. Change is a given, growth is optional. And yeppers you can’t have healthy growth until you get rid of the dead stinky stuff.

  2. Ah…my recurring lesson of this lifetime! I’m doing much, much better with throwing out the bad mayonnaise, and frankly, I’ve always liked mustard better.

  3. I Love, Love, Love this post more than you will ever know. I’m not drawn to that deck normally, but this card riveted me completely still for a moment before I could even start reading your insights.

    The whimsy of evil, stinky mayo is great enough. It’s an easy thing to think, Ewww … not touching that. Then I have to think about what it actually applies to and what I have to let go of in real life. Part of me starts thinking I’d like to keep a bit of it, just because of the effort I put in if nothing else. Then I think about nibbling to get the punch and risk the sickness. It just puts it all in perspective.

    So my Queen of Swords pruning and your Death pushing me through the process will guide me to my Mustard prince on the other side of my expired wants and ideas.

  4. Robert is my mayo and until he’s thrown out of the fridge (my gerbil wheel memory) everytime I open the door that funky jar will just make me sad of what wasn’t. I’m sure my daughter threw that jar out awhile back (or just moved it behind everything else) but I didn’t – I named the grandkids for goodness sake!!!!

    I think I’m afraid if I throw it out it will be gone forever & for some reason I just can’t seem to believe it’s completely done. I guess I’m one of those people who open the expired milk carton & take a BIG whiff just to make sure it’s really gone bad.

    I don’t like mustard and I don’t want to be forced to use it just because the other isn’t good anymore! My inner-child thinks mustard is icky & I WANT THE MAYO!!!

    Great reading Dixie, especially today because I have to see his mom this afternoon to drop off some things for church & Bill heard from his dad yesterday & they’re having lunch next week. I guess his parents are like the tomato & onion that just adds to the sandwich but still no may

    1. Good luck with this afternoon, CancerMom. I’m sure you’ll be fine. And I know tossing out that mayo is challenging, especially when it looked so good! Just remember, you ain’t the one making this sandwich.

      As far as the cards, I think of them like a sometimes blunt, but always honest friend. I can listen or not, but I’m always better off for considering what they’ve got to say.

  5. Moozie, (love the name)

    You are absolutely right “Change is a given, growth is optional”!!

    Dixie, Love the Housewife Tarot deck! I’m still understanding I need to LEARN from the cards and use their wisdom versus just being bothered by what they have to tell me!

    Maybe one day I’ll grow up and stop letting my inner-child have so much control; however, I do love her haircolor!

  6. Alright, alright I know it’s not my sandwich but she wanted mayo too & I’ve always packed her lunch!

    Wise words once again my pink-haired frined!!

  7. Yanno, I’ve never thought of Death as a “bad” card. I usually get excited when I see it in a spread, simply because of the change factor.
    Now the Tower on the other hand…

  8. “There’s an empty space where the mayo used to sit and my sandwiches are never going to taste good again,”

    It’s so easy for me to get into this way of thinking. I love this post! It reminds me to keep a watch out for the bad mayo. I tend to either be in denial about it or sad that it went bad. I do like mustard, but that idea of how good mayo could have been is hard for me to let go of.

  9. I am right in the process of making friends with my mustard! Of thinking I threw it out and finding there was an extra bottle, extra old hiding in the back i didn’t see.
    Love the fridge/condiment analogy. So perfect, so apt.
    Thanks dixie, love this and the 19th. It’s like you’re tapped directly into my life or something.
    If you’re gonna live in my head I’m going to have to start requiring rent.


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