April 18

04/18/12: Celebrate the Solid Start | 4 Wands


Exhale! Kick back. Enjoy the place you’ve come to. Now is the time!

The Four of Wands (Venus in Aries) is often associated with weddings, although this version in the Housewives Tarot doesn’t seem so matrimonial. But if you look beneath her perch, you can see there’s but finishing touches being done to her home. The foundation has been well-laid, most of the work done, and she can relax a bit, knowing she’s in a stable place (Tarot fours), having created  the current situation acting (Aries)on the passions of her heart (Venus).

This card has an air of celebration and joy. Better yet, it’s warranted! If you’ve been working hard, doing your best to lay your plans and execute them, you’re promised progress. Once the foundation has been lain and the proper help secured, you’re in good stead.

Enjoy. The house you’ve built is coming together. Events unfold as they should, because you’ve done the prep. It’s time to appreciate and enjoy what you’ve built so far, knowing it will take you far into the future. Good thing it’s solid!

Are you seeing any Four of Wands moments?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. Yes, I think there are a lot of 4oW moments for me now.

    The 4oW is one of my favorites, Dixie. I call it “a safe place.” Whenever I pull it, I know that I’m in a safe place now so the question is do I stay or do I move on. Since it’s the Sadge deacon, there’s been a lot of travel so far and maybe more to come.

    Maybe I’ll start kicking back like that housewife, or maybe it’s time to mix it up like the 5oW.

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