August 30

08/31/13: Stable with a Side of Anxious? / 4 of Pentacles


4-pentacles-meaning This guy reminds me of the way it feels after a period of financial crunch: afraid to let go, lest the whole enchilada should crumble.

Stable, firm set and not about to move a damn muscle—this is indeed the Four of Pentacles! This card is often read as fear, stinginess and inflexibility, which all can be true. But it can also appear to mark a stabilizing influence. I’ve found it frequently speaks to physical circumstance. Not surprising for the suit of Pentacles: financial or health-related situations predominate. But whether you read it optimistically or not, there is always an upside with this card: Tarot fours (this one in particular) are always stable.

So if you have a scared, inflexible Four of Pentacles vibe, like a man squeezing dimes until they scream, the news is good: finances are reliably stable! And if it’s a health-scare Four of Pentacles, the news is good: body’s systems are stable! About the only time the news isn’t so nice is if you’re feeling stifled by potentially stagnant energy. But even then, it tells you not to expect changes from the status quo anytime soon. This is also useful information to know, eh?

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Four of Pentacles, Tarot Illuminati

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