October 22

Four of Wands Rx: Figuring it Out as We Go


I am generally not an anxious person. Right now, though…eh. Not so much my general temperament. I’m feeling at least regular twinges of worry and stress…

Probably along with 99.8% of the rest of the world.

Now I could rattle off a list of situations and unresolved questions to justify those feelings, for sure. My feelings are completely understandable from a logical perspective. Yours no doubt are, as well. I just see no benefit from justifying feelings. They are not right or wrong. They just are.

Besides–I have always found it far more helpful to accept and accommodate my feelings than to pick them apart. Explaining feelings repeatedly entrenches them. Fighting feelings as somehow “wrong” just doesn’t work. The only thing that’s always effective is riding the feelings out. That’s what takes you to the other side.

Next week, expect some generalized angst and a sense of (perhaps many) matters remaining unsettled. With a little faith, however, we can absolutely ride through the uncomfortable feelings to reach the other side. For real.

Next Week in Tarot

For the outlook, we have the Four of Wands reversed. Advice is the Hanged Man. Cards pictured are from the Crystal Visions Tarot deck.

Often, I read the Four of Wands as a feeling of “coming home,” finding your safe space. Reversed, the card suggests you’ll get home but still feel uneasy. I expect feelings of being unsettled or ill at ease to be prevalent throughout the coming week. This may persist even if there are no outward signs of things amiss.

Tell me something I don’t know, Tarot.

Still, I love the Hanged Man here for advice. Don’t do anything until you’re ready. Expect it all to work. Have some faith: in yourself; in your people; in the world; and in the Universe. Work that faith.

Make a mantra of the phrase, “We’ll figure it out as we go.”

We will, you know. We always do.

I mean, face it. How often does life go exactly as we plan? Just this side of never? But we do what we do, anyway. We figure it out as we go. We put one foot in front of the other today and then get up and do it tomorrow. Along the way, we can often find flowers to smell or birds to watch or people to hug.

So take it easy this coming week. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Accept whatever feelings come your way and call upon your faith (as opposed to massive action) to manage. Before you know it, we’ll have ridden to the other side. So hang on and be kind to yourselves through the process. We’re on this ride together.

You feeling angsty? Can you call upon your faith to help?

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Crystal Visions Tarot, Four of Wands, Hanged Man

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