July 30

Four of Swords Rx: Finding Your Stability


I have a magic machine to help my leg heal. I sit down for half an hour a day, turn it on and don’t feel a thing. Which is fine, as I’m not supposed to feel it.

It’s sending my leg good vibes. I hope the leg listens!

I realized during today’s treatment time, using this thing is pretty much a physical representation of next week’s forecast. And quite inadvertently, I’m following the cards advice. I love when that happens.

This is my leg in it today, after I turned the lights magenta. Because we like colored lights around here…

But let’s get to the forecast, shall we, friends?


Next Week in the Cards

Outlooks is the reversed Four of Swords. Advice is Four of Wands. Pictured from Legacy of the Divine deck.

Don’t expect a lot of gimme’s next week. People have to keep moving, stay active. You may not get everything done’ the way you wanted to (and that’s completely fine if you don’t). Finishing a specific to-do item on your list is not the point.

Even if you’re tired. (I am, too!) The point is we must PARTICIPATE in our own lives. Be present. Be flexible. Be creative. Be aware. Do what you’re going to do and don’t overthink it all. Perfectionism is just procrastination in a fancy dress.  Having it all “just so” matters much less than doing it here.

And then there is the specific advice we’re getting. Noticing these are both Tarot fours? We’re looking at stability. We’re looking at habit. We’re looking at consistency. We’re looking at support and order and predictability. Fours are stable.

What supports you? What helps create a feeling of safety? What makes you feel like you’re making a difference? THAT is what you’re best advised to be reaching for now.

So, we’ve got things moving forward. We’re participating, and actively doing the best we can. Stay flexible on approach but not necessarily on objectives. Know what you’re doing.

Aim for steady, consistent progress, adjusting as you go. Look to develop useful systems, good habits, and a responsible approach. All this will give you the best outcome (and the quickest route to the feeling of security and stability, for bonus points).

I’m looking forward to feeling more stable on that leg. And, you know…other stuff, too.

How about you?

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