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09/02/11: Gift of Consistency | Four of Pentacles


four-of-pentacles-tarotI had a web client once tell me I was “wonderfully consistent.” I wasn’t sure at first whether to be complimented or offended, but she made it plain it was meant positively. It just took me aback. Consistent? Doesn’t that mean “boring?” I hadn’t thought about it before, but maybe knowing what to expect is precious, if not all that intriguing or colorful.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Four of Pentacles or Lord of Earthly Power, associated with Sun in Capricorn. Sometimes, we read this card as greed or fear—holding on tightly to what you have–but that’s only a potential expression. The other side of the coin is responsibility, integrity and consistency, all of which grant the gift of stability. It’s a known quantity, bought and paid for by your decisions and behavior.

To use the Four of Pentacles as a stabilizing force, you call upon the higher side of Capricorn energy. Release fear, because it’s inhibiting. Manage your time and energy dealing with external limits, not internally imposed ones. Instead, work hard, follow your plan, stay on task, and act in ways you can feel good about, even when no one is watching.

I find it relevant this card comes right after the Three of Pentacles—planning makes it go smoothly! (I won’t mention the Five of Pentacles following, which address losses, other than to say bouncing back from them is a skillset unto itself.)

When you see any of the Tarot Fours, know all is stable. Especially material needs, but really, anything you may be in fear of losing? It’s not at immediate risk. You’ve mastered and can maintain, if you continue doing what you believe you should now. You’re on solid ground.

Are you feeling stability?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. I’m so glad to read your take on this card. I use my Mystic Dreamer deck pretty much exclusively now for my morning readings since it is a strong link between my goddess and me. I got this card and was only seeing the negative side of it so was feeling pretty depressed at needing to be warned about my fearful tendencies.

    While I definitely still feel that was a strong point, your interpretation also hits true. My husband and I are both working our asses off to build trust with each other and come together after Mercury about did us in. So thank you for looking beyond the traditional meaning.

    “Integrity” is a word I’ve used 100 times a day, every day for the past two weeks both as a compliment to my husband and my dear friend, Milon, but also as a curse and warning to so many others who have dropped me on my ass with their inconsistency and betrayals. This is a very apt card.

    1. Ah, fear of being too afraid. I get it! I really do believe you can work with whatever energy you have on hand. Some just takes more work. But stability…that’s a good thing.

  2. Thank you for this! I was feeling such a fear that it woke me up at 3 a.m., and it was about losing something, due to an incident a couple weeks ago that wasn’t my fault.

    And integrity is absolutely my favorite word. I guess that is what will get me through. People try to distort, but integrity will give me power.

    Someone I trust likes to say “just let the facts speak for themselves.”

    Dixie, you are consistently intriguing and colorful!!!


  3. I am definitely feeling more stability in my physical world, which those pentacles represent. My physical home/dixiblog/domains/ – house and stuff – is in better shape than it’s been in for many years and continuing to get better. It feels really good.

  4. Dixie, consistency is not boring. I have the most fucked-up Venus you’ll ever see in a chart. Seriously, not a single positive aspect anywhere and badly aspected to Pluto, Neptune, the Moon — just about all the planets. Anyway, today I finally learned the lesson of having this fucked up Venus. You know what it is? Love is not enough. My parents loved me. They were also not dependable in the least. Yes, my mother in particular was a lot of fun. But sending gorgeous beams of love is not enough and I’m talking as someone who believes in good vibrations. You have to be there for people when they need you and you have to be consistent. I just had that insight because I was telling a friend about how I was angry that when I spoke to my real father (after 35 years of never speaking to him), he sounded really happy. And she said, why, isn’t that good? And I said, How can he say he loves me if he didn’t try to contact me in all these years? He must be putting me on. And she said, Shame and guilt are very hard bridges to cross.

    Well. I never thought of that. But still and all, I cannot believe you love me if you don’t show up for me. And even if you do, it’s not enough.

    So be grateful for being consistent. That woman was right. When you haven’t had it, it feels like a miracle and it is wonderful.

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