December 18

12/18/11: Difficult Decisions | Four of Cups, Ten of Cups


“You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside. –Alan Cohen


Today’s Tarot is the Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer) and the Ten of Cups (Mars in Pisces)—a rather watery duo, but certainly a nice departure from yesterday’s Crisis of Faith! Though often with the Four of Cups, there is dissatisfaction, and a decidedly undecided feel, even though as a Tarot four, we would expect stability in the current situation.

In other words, there is time to safely make this choice. The man on this card has reached a decision point; he must either decide to be satisfied with what he has or take up a new direction. And I do love this version of the Ten of Cups—the expectation of conflict (Mars) has been erased (Pisces)! The dog and cat found themselves some higher ground, you know?

I’d expect a lovely, harmonious, Ten-of-Cups- style outcome explicitly when decisions are made in close concert with your deepest values and priorities. So if you’re looking at a choice now, here’s the approach: take your time, knowing you have time to take. Identify your highest ideals and most important values, and do NOT let go of them for the sake of a dream or a passing, emotional pull (Cancer moon). That’s what gives you the best outcome—and lets you sleep at night. Any trouble you find taking that path, you can get over. Taking the other, not so much.

Are you seeing the Four of Cups at work in your life?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Four of Cups, Legacy of the Divine, Tarot Cups, Ten of Cups

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  1. Wow. Guess I’m a bit ahead of these cards. I made the decision to send my beloved dog home/dixiblog/domains/ on Tuesday. It was hard, she didn’t want to go, but her body had just given out.
    I miss her, but am at peace with my decision, and she is happy and pain free now.
    And yes, she is in a higher place.

    1. (((((Kim)))))

      They give us so much love and then we have to say goodbye (for now)…
      all of our sweet little puppies and kitties.

    2. Kim. I have “Going home” out of the library; I started to read it a couple of weeks ago, in the bookstore, but started to cry (quietly), so I had to put it back down.

      I meant to respond to your email a couple of months ago (three, actually). I will get to it.

  2. I love that Ten of Cups. I have Mars in Pisces, and generally am peaceful, just like that. I’ve asked someone to please take my mental health into account (and physical), and was sneered at, and told to fix myself if I couldn’t handle someone being here for at least ten days (someone who has cuased us – mainly me – a lot of trouble in the past). she said that knowing I’d wanted help, and not only can’t get there unless I find someone on a Saturday, but I also can’t afford it every single week, and she also deals with extreme anxiety (social). the fact that I’m supposed to adjust for her with no question, or be screamed at like I’m killing her, but I’m told I have no choice in the matter, and that I need help (always needking to fix myself to make someone else happy). Not good!

    She’s going to be snuggled up like that cat and dog, with her fiance. Me – I doubt that I will feel at peace, with him here; I don’t fel much peace anyhow, and can’t believe she thought this would be a good idea. She thought the idea of a motel was rude (him being there some of the time); not considering my mental health at all, when I’m trying to accommodate her and save what is left of my own sanity.

  3. Thanks, everybody –

    I appreciate your kind words and hugs. 14 1/2 years with a dog I didn’t think was going to make it past 7 is a pretty good run. Every day was a gift. Libby was like that saying about living life to the fullest, and showing up in Heaven battered and bruised, yelling, “WOO-HOO!!! What a ride!”

    I’m thankful too that I’m not dog-less. (Which is Hell on Earth IMO.)
    I have Gabriel, who after grieving for a few days, is no longer watching over Lib, and is having grand fun going for car rides and long walks with his momma. Thank God he is a happy, funny dog.
    Angela, I’ve read a bit of that book. Considering Lib’s long slide downhill, and constantly evaluating whether it was time or not, I too had to put the book down. And probably won’t be picking it up any time soon. It’s probably a good book, but right now I’m feeling the “Been there, done that.”
    Thank you again everybody.

  4. It's wild that 10 years later, I am seeing this and it's helped me clarify a decision I've made. Divine timing is real.

    Grace and peace to you..

    1. So glad to hear it spoke to you when you needed it to. I never cease to be in awe of how the Universe does that. Grace and peace to you as well! ♥

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