July 11

Everyday Tarot, 07/11/11: Seeking Common Ground | 10 of Cups


ten-cups-daily-tarot-forecastToday is my wedding anniversary. Well, “ours” I guess. I should share it with my husband.  Har! We’ve been married twenty-two years. That’s a Hell of a long time! And you know what’s ragingly obvious after 22 years?

Our relationship, the sense of belonging, the trust we have in one another after all these years together…every single shred of connection we have is the manifestation of a choice we make on a daily basis.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Ten of Cups or Lord of Perfected Success, associated with Mars in Pisces. Nice to see this card upright! Even reversed, it’s not a bad vibe but upright, there’s a deep, abiding sense of peace surrounding home and family space.

I find it silly, how people refer to marriage anyway. “We’re getting married,” they’ll say. As if you set an appointment to browse and pick out a marriage to take home. I joke with my husband, that I picked him out from the “Slightly Used Husbands Store.” Scratch and dent, but I saw the shine underneath. Lots of good years left in that model!

A wedding is an event—but a marriage, not so much. It’s a deal, an agreement—I’m sorry if that sucks the romance out if it for ya. Call it a “Holy Contract” if you want. I don’t care. Thing is, it IS an agreement, that you’ll be on each other’s side; it’s one deal you make good on (or not), every single day.

That’s a family relationship, spouse or otherwise. Yes, blood is thick, but people can be thicker. There are moments when each of us gets a little crazy, falls short, caves in or screws up. Humanity leaks all over the best of intention, and leaving everyone embarrassed by unsightly stains. So then what?

CherryBlossomWhen it gets messy, loving, then you decide, how much import to grant lapses in the family space. What is most important to you? What feelings (Pisces) are worth fighting for (Mars)? What fights (Mars) can you transcend (Pisces)? This is where the divides are bridged. You can come together here, if you can agree upon where you want to meet.

With my husband and I…well, our execution isn’t perfect, even after many years together. We have a strong marriage, but not because either of us never screws up. We have a good bond because our intention to love and support one another always remains common ground, even on those days were we otherwise make a mess of it. The Ten of Cups keeps us from getting lost on the way by showing common ground. We find our way back to where we like the view.

Have you found common ground?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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  1. I’m almost40 years old and just now learning that it is an agreement. Kick Cinderella OUT of the equation.

    Wise words Dix, as evidenced by a 22 year marriage. Aw Happy Anniversary! Oh, you to Captain Virgo *snort*

  2. Happy Anniversary

    We got married with romance in my mind and comfort in his. He’d had a blockbuster lustlove-fest with previous partners that always left him wounded and bleeding inside. We’d been friends with chemistry for years before we started dating. I fell in love with him. His love grew over time for me. That difference has manifest repeatedly over the years.

    This last year, we sat down and decided to be together as we are now, at the level we feel for each other now, and let the past just be. We have rules we both have to follow to achieve harmony. We both had to make sacrifices in “freedoms” in order to be together.

    This year’s anniversary for me revealed just how much we’ve both changed together and how much healthier our relationship is for us than it used to be, with all those assumptions and “traditional trappings” holding us down.

    I’m glad your path has a partner. Being right all the time would be lonely otherwise.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Dixie and Captain Virgo!!!

    I’m happy for both of you! I don’t know if I’ll ever experience a relationship like you do, but it’s nice to see it’s possible!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DIXIE & HUBBY! He’s very lucky you saw the shine underneath & I’m sure you feel grateful as well.

    We’ve been married for 26 years & I’m EXTREMELY lucky. I often say to my true Capricorn hubby “I don’t know what I did in a former life to get you” & he responds with the same; however, I get the feeling he means it a little differently than I – LOL!

    I’m so feeling the 10 of cups, as in “My cup runneth over” with good stuff! Lots of emotions over the weekend that brought forth good & more importantly LONG OVER DUE discussions to clear the air & make room for the new!

    After our readings on Saturday the emotional bulldozer came in & tons went into the cosmic dumpster!

    GREAT CARD TODAY AS I’M SO FEELING IT! Enjoy your day w/hubby and CONGRATS AGAIN!!

    Love you Dixie, you’ve been amazing in helping me get to the bottom of the gunk.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! That is something to be proud of. To choose wisely and live in harmony.

    Ya, we get to see each other’s best and worst. If someone can put up with me, I’m like, “wow, thanks.”

  6. Thank you again for all your good wishes! Had a very good day. I got a nice visit with my daughter when she called to wish us Happy Anniversary. She’s doing well. My husband and I ate some junk food, played a game together, watched some shows and spent a good part of the evening snuggling, among other things.

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