August 19

08/19/11: Bouncing Back from Poor Choices | Reversed Seven of Cups, Three of Cups, Five of Wands



“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” –Buddha

Mistakes? Yeah, I’ve made choices I’d count as mistakes. Not more than I can help, but I’m smart enough to catch a clue in hindsight sometimes. Often, choices are not what they appear to be when we make them. This is part of life, and hardly reason to self-criticize. If we never make mistakes, it’s indication we are not taking many risks, not doing much.

We’ve got a 3-card spread from the New Visions Tarot today.

  • Reversed Seven of Cups or Lord of Illusionary Success, associated with Venus in Scorpio
  • Three of Cups or Lord of Abundance, associated with Mercury in Cancer
  • Five of Wands or Lord of Strife, associated with Saturn in Leo

Choices cannot be avoided, even when we don’t have the full picture. And honestly, even when we do have the facts, we can misread them, or be swayed by outside factors into misreading the information we have on hand.

But mistakes or no, looking for camaraderie from “your people” is what leaves you feeling rich, nurtured and more than anything, heard (Mercury) at the heart level (Cancer). This both heals hurts and intensifies joy.

Keeping that community nearby allows us the strength and stamina to stand up to whatever battles we face. We make our choices alone, we fight our battles alone, but we live in community. That community, those that love us, celebrate in our joy and offer comfort in our sadness,  recharge us to carry forward, learning lessons, living life, and being the best people we know how to be.

The reversed Seven of Cups reminds me we cannot avoid difficult choices, and we certainly cannot know exactly what they’ll bring before we make them. The Three of Cups would advise taking those opportunities to connect with others, celebrating our victories and accepting consolation for our defeats. Everyone has some of both. Refreshed and recharged, we’re ready to face the conflict the Five of Wands holds. There are battles to be fought, struggles to overcome, in every life. But if we make the best choices we can, and shore ourselves up in the meantime, we’ll be up to the challenges they bring.

Does the support of your community help you keep going?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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3-Card Spread, Five of Wands, New Vision Tarot, Seven of Cups, Three of Cups

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  1. Yes, they do! I’ve got three really good friends I can count on. All of whom got an earful a couple days ago, when I was on the verge of making a wrong decision for me. And they supported me, no matter what I chose.

    And I know this is cyberspace, but this is community for me, too. Thank you Dixie, for making this space, and thanks and hugs to all who come here.
    You all matter to me, more than you will ever know.
    to all of you!

    1. I’m so glad, both for the support of your in-person community and that you feel it from your online community here, too, Kim.

      We have some lovely folks that come around here. Good energy. {{{Kim}}}

  2. If it wasn’t for this online community, plenty of times I’d be swimming in the shark-infested deep end without a life raft or flares!
    Thanks and hugs to everyone!

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