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Everyday Tarot, 07/12/11: Reserved Judgment | Key to Inner Peace


tarot-forecast-judement-invertedSometimes, the “who” and “what” and “how” doesn’t make much difference. Details can morph into a tempestuous storm, raining down a thousand tiny, upsetting pricks of pain that accomplish nothing, but disrupt our harmony. The best approach depends on your objective, you know?

maj20sToday’s Tarot forecast is Judgment reversed, or “The Spirit of the Primal Fire”—that sounds serious!  Number XX of the Major Arcana, Judgment is modernly associated with Pluto. So the duality—guilty and innocent, dead and alive, real and unreal—all reside within.

This version from Shadowscapes is a lot prettier than the RWS, which I call the “Zombie Parade.” But whatever package Judgment arrives in, it’s always a powerful energy.

I do like the secondary title here. Fire is primal, and cleansing. While Water is Pluto’s element, I can certainly see a fire elemental affinity with the concept of judgment day, as in trial by fire, burning  down the house and reemerging from the ashes. Inverted, look to what’s being held back, not said, or not acknowledged—that’s just as important or more so than what is.

Withhold judgment for now. Even if you have a list in your head, like I have.

“I need to feel safe—not criticized. I’m not going to apologize for doing my best… I’m on a no-drama diet. And I don’t want to feel like I have to watch my back.” On and on it goes. But even as I list it out, I know how ridiculous it is.

poison-appleDo people go into situations with plans of spreading drama, pain and betrayal? Well, maybe some, but if they do, it’s not like they’ll own up to it before the fact. Or have a change of heart ’cause you say it’s not cool, you know? So what is the point, Dixie? (I don’t want to feel like a dumbass for believing.)

But the swishing around all the injuries in my head? It’s like nibbling repeatedly on a poisoned apple. It’s not going to cure the feelings of being sick. The reversed Judgment card would have us either forgive, or amputate—either way, releasing the poison. But realize amputation isn’t a cure if you continue to nurse the hurt feelings—nobody’s really gone, who lives in your head.

The idea is to get to the place where you can let go lovingly, never with ill-intent. Even if it’s just a “Thanks for providing an instructive example” or “I learned a lot about myself through this.” I sure do, even (sigh) those times I learn something I’d have preferred to avoid.  Damn universe, turning on the lights again, just when my eyes were all comfortable in the dark.

The Judgment card reminds me, the choice of emotional experience is all mine and only mine. Will I withhold judgment on history, to make a future possible? It’s a risk, even trusting those who’ve never hurt us. Risk is inherent. But there’s so much we stand to gain from trust, it’s risk worthy of consideration. Letting go of judgment is the prescription for peace, however you accomplish it.

You have judgments in process now, too?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Judgment, Major Arcana, Pluto, Shadowscapes

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  1. The moment my husband walked out the door, I sped to the internet to pull up your daily insight. I was spinning in my brain, on the heels of an emotional breakdown that made my husband late. My entire world has been turned upside down the last three days. I’m not dealing well with the fact that it not only is my fault, but that I have to learn (and fast!) a lot of things I never cared about before to prevent catastrophe in my home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html. So yeah … fitting card. Your interpretation gives practical thoughts, not just hope, which I need. Thanks, Dixie.

  2. Wow. This card came up in a personal reading but with the energy due to come in tomorrow. Although, I recognize that I’m playing this energy RIGHT NOW and have been for about 2 weeks. Mainly because I got a message from the universe that said, “Give it two weeks. Don’t do anything stupidly Uranian right now. Wait it out.” Coincidently, that two week period ends smack on the full moon this Friday.

    I can definitely relate to several phrases in your writing today.

    But lets giggle over one first..”raining down a thousand tiny, upsetting pricks” LOL. Ok, now that my 3rd grade sense of humor is satisfied, lets add these.

    Withhold judgment for now. Even if you have a list in your head, like I have.
    “I need to feel safe—not criticized. I’m not going to apologize for doing my best… I’m on a no-drama diet. And I don’t want to feel like I have to watch my back.” These EXACT words came out of my mouth on Saturday right before i said, “I’m surrounding myself with people that don’t hate me yet”
    Damn universe, turning on the lights again, just when my eyes were all comfortable in the dark.–Good grief. AMEN!
    And the last point I’ll make is that I was bit surprised that you mentioned the “how” “who” and “what” in the beginning but never directly referred to the why..which is my favorite word. Not the “why” of “why is this person doing this” because you will never really know..will you? Although, if you can empathize with their reasoning or understand it–it can ease some of the emotion connected to it so you can better find your way through the situation logically. But the “why” of “why is this happening to me?” There is always reason..so says I. “Why do I need to be seeing/hearing/experiencing this at this time in my life” That’s the question when, if answered, will give you the most relief. Or at least it does me.
    But, sometimes my Uranian gets really tired of listening to other people’s crap just so I can grow..lol

  3. Josi, good one… why do I need to be experiencing this right now??? I’m not in the mood for any of this.

    Just had some betrayal yesterday from multiple directions, so the only place that feels safe is in our home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html.

    I love the idea of giving it two weeks before taking any action. Sometimes things blow over if you lie low.

    Withhold judgment, then either forgive or amputate.

    We had just had a couple days of peace, and now back to emotional storms. Ok, maybe it will blow over!

  4. Thanks Dixie, CancerMom and sofie.

    Sharing this card with my husband was my olive branch. He asked me to explain what it specifically meant to me and how it applied to this morning. We’ve been talking about it all day (through Yahoo Messenger). It’s lead to new discussion and healing for both of us.

  5. This is from my e-mail to you “..she’s done absolutely nothing not to have our trust 2 YEARS LATER but because I never confronted her about …& never dealt w/ my anger this prevented me from moving on to where I could trust her again. I took responsibility for how I’ve behaved about *** but I can’t keep feeling guilty about this because she kept this (energy) going…”

    The above is what happens when you DON’T deal w/ stuff & I’ve been on a roller coaster for 2 years w/ my daughter because I gave her a pass on something that at the time I felt it was necessary to; however, I had every right to get mad at her – and I SHOULD have.

    This weekend it came to a head for me & I let her have it w/ both barrells and IT FELT REALLY GOOD. The best part is she was actually glad I got mad at her & has been walking on eggshells because she’s been waiting for me to get mad.

    I passed judgement for something & should have dealt with it & now that we did it’s all getting better! GREAT CARD DIXIE! And thanks for helping me deal with things this weekend. (((D)))

  6. Enjoyed this Dixie. And Josi’s musings too. Hugs to all.

    The wise, old woman at my fave metaphysical shop goes through affirmations of release with me. Last week she instructed me to hold a Blue Quartz in my left hand and a Rutilated Smoky Quartz in my right. She taught me how to take a very deep breath, then exhale forcefully with my tongue touching the roof of my mouth, like I’m blowing a giant balloon. Stuff like: I forgive so and so, I release all past life connections that are not for my highest good, etc.

    I felt a little silly the first time 5 months ago, my exhale was weak and puny. Totally self-conscious and worried about possible dragon breath..haha Now my exhale is very long! It has really helped to alleviate anxiety and tensions.

    So many emoticons! Cool!

  7. Few days ago I have an accident, and now I am recuperating from the accident. Can this Judgment reversed car has some meaning relate to this unexpected accident?

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