July 6

Everyday Tarot, 07/06/11: How’s the garden grow? Rev Seven of Pentacles


daily-tarot-forecast-rev-seven-pentaclesThe garden is growth and change and that means loss as well as constant new treasures to make up for a few disasters.” –May Sarton

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of emotional shifts over the past few weeks, especially under the eclipses. Perspective, understanding, and beliefs that I’ve long accepted as real demanded reevaluation—in my face, no seeking required. I’ve started sorting it out.

It’s felt a bit unsettling, sure, but not too worrisome, because it feels like things are clicking into the right place, where they belong. That’s reassuring.

Today’s Tarot is the Seven of Pentacles inverted, also known as Lord of Success Unfulfilled, associated with Saturn in Taurus. (Seem familiar?) Neither Saturn or Taurus are known for being speedy. So when you see the Seven of Pentacles, know you’re always talking about a long-term proposition. Inverted, I’d expect delays, impediment, or impatience surfacing.

watering-flowersSo about now, I’m seeking out stagnant pockets of energy to disperse. Be they tired thoughts, outdated assumptions, or even old belongings I’m no longer invested in! Pentacles are Earth—we’re in the real world. Little pools of stale water (old emotion) sour the air. I wouldn’t use sour water to feed my flowers, and I don’t want to smell it collecting in the corners of my house, either. I’m in the process of cleaning out what doesn’t work, making more room for what does. A bit of weeding is in order.

The Reversed Seven of Pentacles reminds me not to take progress for granted. Now’s a good time to weed, pluck off expired blooms, and in general, clean out anything from your physical or psychic space that you don’t want to root and grow. This gives your remaining plants the best of your energy and resources.

How’s your gardening coming?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. I’ve been pruned pretty harshly. But what is left has been given pure focus and nutrition and is sprouting nicely. I’m all about dead heading; it’s an obsession. It’s the impatience part that makes me nervous. I’ve got tons of drive but no patience..so I’ve been told.

  2. Yups. Yesterday was exhausting, filled with old regurgitated crap. Last night was an opera of keeping me from sleeping. I’m about to grab a nap before I begin work at 9am just so I don’t kill someone. This is definitely a week for pruning, scrubbing and flushing.

  3. Ahhh… the 7 of Pentacles. I’ve seen this card come up so many times over the last few months that I should probably just take it out of the deck and leave it out permanently!

    I have learned to love this card, though. Wasn’t an easy lesson, but now I’ve really come to appreciate it. Once I accepted it and began to work within its energy, my life really got so much better! Less struggle, more joy. Always a good thing!

    (And I really need to get this Shadowscapes deck… it’s gorgeous!)

  4. I have pruned and weeded, weeded and pruned, and look there was a weak skraggly little flower, hopefully now that the noxious, toxic weeds are gone, the skraggly little flower can grow into it’s new found environment and thrive and bloom as it was meant to.

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