June 6

Everyday Tarot, 06/06/11: Queen of Rainbow’s Miracle-Gro


daily-tarot-forecast-zen-queen-rainbowsI had an old car once that I hated. Hate-ed. I fussed and grumbled to myself every single time I got into that thing. I hadn’t picked it out, it steered funny, it was a piece of junk, blah blah blah. I didn’t keep anything personal in it, because I didn’t feel connected—I never bonded. Problem was, it was the best I had to drive at the time. And I was creating my own miseries.

Today’s Tarot forecast is “Maturity” from Osho Zen—the Queen of Rainbows (Pentacles), also known as Queen of the Thrones of Earth, associated with Water in Earth.  She emotionally grounds and feeds us. The Queen of Pentacles is like Miracle-Gro. She feeds.

Eventually, I got tired of being dissatisfied over that car. I told myself to grow the Hell up and appreciate what I DID have—something to drive! So I got some seat covers and accessories, and began investing energy in making the car pleasant, being thankful for what it did provide. I actually made it a practice to say nice things to the car. Seriously. I patted the dashboard, and thanked him for transporting me safely where I wanted to go. Suddenly, I felt a whole lot better and could even enjoy the time I spent driving.

mix-miracle-gro-800x800Two weeks later, somebody rear-ended that car at a stoplight. The insurance paid four times what it was worth, allowing a nicer replacement. Law of Attraction strikes again!

This Queen is mature, but not tired. She continually renews her energy through focusing on what she finds beautiful.  Expressions of love, thanks, and joy all raise vibration and restore everyone touching it. When living in appreciation of what we DO have, all the good in our world, we’re fed, plain and simple. It’s like pouring Miracle-Gro on your dreams.

Can you see the Queen of Rainbows at work?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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  1. Oh my god! This is such the best coaching booster for me today. Thank you! I have been very intolerant of the place In which I have been living, for quite a while now, and yet haven’t managed to move, much as I have been wishing to for years.

    Inspired by the “law of attraction” daily, and kind of “getting it” myself (finally), I have decided to just be okay staying here for now (it is a convenient location for work, at least, and with gas prices here over $4/gallon…) and make the best of it and fix it up. I have been doing some home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html improvement things I can afford, like buying fresh flowers, and getting a new quilt cover, working with what I have and loving the changes, and working on loving more about it here.

    Of course, I relished the bit about your car getting crashed and kinda secretly wish this will lead to something like that, but it almost doesn’t matter so much anymore (which I do guess is probably part of the trick!), since my attitude and outlook is improving.

    Thank you, thank you, for this and the earlier inspirations about working with the laws of attraction.

    1. Lilly, I really do think the secret was making the best of what I had. Before I changed my outlook, my energy was very tied up in NOT wanting that car. My vibration was full of dissatisfaction, so that’s exactly what I attracted.When I changed my vibration, I immediately became much happier and this is what I now look for as sign I’m in the right place vibrationally.

  2. OH MY GOD DIXIE! This ties into my bi***ing on Recent Travels today about the water – I just posted!

    We completely remodeled our house 6 years ago & the builder did a horrible job in following through on issued that showed up; we discovered our house wasn’t grounded. We had to sue, it was UGLY, we won – big deal, it’s like dealing with the remodel all over again & I’ve put off getting the repairs done.

    I’M STILL PISSED THEY DIDN’T FINISH THE JOB PROPERLY & I have to do all this ******* work!

    Instead I should be grateful! I should be grateful we have a home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html, we won the lawsuit & we can afford to finish everything we need to do but instead I’m bitc**** & moaning about having to call service people! Maybe this is why things continue to break & they are all water related – YOU THINK?

    Dixie, this was pretty freaking amazing with your two writings today!

    1. I don’t know if that’s why or not, but I’d sure try changing how I thought about it to see what the impact is. I mean, what does it hurt not to be mad anymore? You’ll feel better, everybody will be happier and it’s an excellent experiment…

  3. I am feeling very committed to doing this experiment on an ongoing basis! I know it is the way to go, and yet for now, it does take some discipline or paying attention to break the nasty b- dissatisfaction reaction habit. Am studying how to do the raise the vibration practices, AND be willing to use the sword to cut away both my own bad habits as well as “outer” stuff that seems to drag me down and be “unacceptable.”

    I guess… you know… would have been nice to just cut away the crappy car, but… good start to change the inside(s). Nice to get illustrations about how to do that. Keep em coming! Thx.

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