August 18

08/18/11: Procrastination in a Pretty Dress | Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Two of Pentacles


transparent-tarotI’ve said before, “Perfectionism is just procrastination in a pretty dress.” For my Virgo at least, that’s proven true. But it’s not like you can’t have some of both. It’s a good idea to find that middle ground, the “sweet spot” between careful planning and instant, impulsive action. Neither serves so well in isolation.

Today’s Tarot Forecast is another 3-card spread from the Transparent Tarot, because, well, I just love that layering effect! It’s all about getting things fixed…

  • Knight of Pentacles or Price of the Chariot of Earth, associated with Air in Earth
  • Ace of Wands or Root of the Powers of Fire, associated with (duh) Fire
  • Two of Pentacles or Lord of Harmonious Change, associated with Jupiter in Capricorn

Here, we’re balancing the drive for immediate action (Ace of Wands) with the competing need to get it perfect. These two forces can pull in different directions. But if we combine them, we can achieve a balance not accessible any other way.

Getting it right is the Knight of Pentacles forte. He’s through, methodical (some may say obsessive), and responsible. In this world of sometimes sloppy thinking, though, his attention to the details is refreshing. The problem he sometimes runs into, however, is allowing himself to be caught up in the minutia until it becomes nothing short of glorified procrastination.

Teaming up with the Ace of Wands, however, gives the Knight a balance he doesn’t have on his own. As the very root of creative force, the Ace is not satisfied with perfect planning. The tiniest of real-world actions trumps the most grandiose of plans, the Ace would tell you.

And of course, the Two of Pentacles is right there to bring harmony to the duo—big plans (Jupiter) are made real (Capricorn). Both the planning and the action are required to make it happen. Mix these two for the best outcome–a healthy dose of both thinking and doing.

Are you acting on your plans? How’s it working out?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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3-Card Spread, Ace of Wands, Jupiter in Capricorn, Knight of Pentacles, Transparent Tarot, Two of Pentacles

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  1. Oh, me and my Libra stellium. I drove myself NUTS yesterday. Almost did something that went against my nature, and the Universe stepped in, and made me wait. I need to be responsible, even if everyone around me isn’t.
    I “think” I’ve got it now, but man, did I struggle yesterday. Like a little hamster in a wheel. Apologized to a friend while I was sorting it out over the phone – God bless her, she listened to me flip-flop all over the place.
    Hopefully, I’ve got it together better today. At least I slept well, so that’s a good sign!
    Good morning, everyone!

      1. Topped off by Saturn in my first house natally. OY.
        My friend said “Thank God I don’t have your brain!”
        I don’t know why they think Libras make good judges and lawyers. Good God, it would take me forever and a day to decide someone’s fate. I have enough trouble figuring out MY life.
        Sometimes the best thing I can do is pick a way, and try it on for size. When I feel like throwing up, I know it’s the wrong path, and try again. That’s what I finally did yesterday.
        Ok, time for a drink.

  2. Oh yes, and what a pretty dress! I am moving forward on one project and the others I dabble yet not fast enough. Message here… control your schedule more efficiently. I am happy to the point of giddy. Time to get things done and not skirt around the oblivious. Focus is a good thing here and let go of the Virgo perfect trend. Just get it done. Refinement can come later… maybe. moving on.
    Right on again, Thanks Dixie… it is a good reminder. Blessings dear friend.

  3. Did someone mention Libra? What is this procrastination that you speak of?

    I have that problem. I also have the problem of doing too many things at once. That makes the procrastination worse because at some point I end up with too much on my plate and it becomes overwhelming (it’s called Mars conj Uranus in Libra which says YEAH! I’ll do that and why not I’ll do that too! and That and that and ooooh THAT looks like fun!). That’s the point where I just want to hide. But then, back into I go attacking piece by piece saying “I’m never going to put myself in this position again.” But, somehow, I always end up right back.

    One day, I will learn..

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