July 25

Everyday Tarot, 07/25/11: Prisoner of Your Own Mind


daily-tarot-forecastSee the sky for the clouds? I hope so!

Today’s Tarot is a 3-card spread from the Transparent Tarot deck—we have the Devil, the Emperor and the Nine of Swords. And looking at the cards in overlay should tell you right then and there, what’s special about the transparent Tarot.

Let’s do today’s message down and dirty, okay?

The worries, the fear, the sense of being trapped? It’s due to attachment over having everything as you believe it “should be.” You do not control the current environment. You are not in the drivers’ seat when it comes to outside circumstance.

All you can control is you own thinking process. Don’t deny or isolate now, as that grows the fears. Accept and surrender attachment to what you do not control, what doesn’t belong to you, in order to free up your power to impact what does.

You feeling like a prisoner of your own mind lately?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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3-Card Spread, Nine of Swords, The Devil, The Emperor, Transparent Tarot

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  1. ACCCKKK. See all those knives aimed at the person’s head? That’s me this morning. Massive fears, anxiety. I “get” that a lot of it isn’t mine, but I don’t seem to be able to stop them. I feel absolutely nuts this morning.

      1. Thank you, Dixie!! I felt that. :-))

        Wow, what a morning. Started clearing this afternoon. I’ve got to remember that when this stuff comes rolling up, it’s because it’s LEAVING.
        Hard to do when I’m in the middle of it.
        Thanks everybody, for indulging my rant this morning.
        And yes, MoonPluto’s post was right there, too, wasn’t it? I’ll blame my Libra/Virgo cusp.

  2. Thankfully..no. I’ve totally surrendered to the fact I have no control in the situation I’m in. But, I see others involved who are totally enslaved to their misconceptions. Its deeply saddening and I hope they find their way through. But, I’m responsible for my own path and it’s impact in my surrounding environment only.
    hard task..but possible.

  3. W.O.W.

    First off, yes yes yes! Having been on Effexor for several years, and switched to a generic over a year ago, I was doing very well managing the genetic anxiety/depression issues that were handed down to me through many generations. Last month, they switched generics again at my pharmacy – and this one did nothing for me. Ten days of brain melt, and the rest of the month trying to get pre-auth for name brand through insurance while my fuse was all but gone. Last day I had a pill, I went to the clinic and melted down. lol…they found a pharmacy that had the generic that worked, and I’m already feeling better.

    It doesn’t erase the situations in my life that bring the anxiety to the fore, but it makes me able to cope with them.

    And I gotta get this deck now…that is kickin’!

  4. I was fine until something went wrong Friday night and I’ve seethed over it inside. Then I worked hard over the weekend only to have the same dumbass who messed me up Friday mess me up again this morning and make all that work useless. Now my money’s in flux again. Instead of just taking each thing, I let it all build up and even let some old fears and anxieties seep back in.

    So this card was a slap in the face. Back to channeling Queen of Swords today just for my sanity.

  5. Wow. I really have nothing else to add. Just… damn. Right on.
    Yep, I do this to myself. Been doing it since last night into this morning.

    Thanks for the brick to the head, Dixie! (And I mean that in the most grateful way!) :-))

    (And I HAVE to get this deck! It is so awesome!)

  6. You totally tapped into it on this one, Dixie! *high five*

    This was a clarion call for me. All the shit that’s been on my brain lately? Yeah… Let’s let that go, mkay? It’s me imposing “shoulds” on myself, whether they’re coming internally or externally.

    And BREATHE… *whew!*

    1. PS:
      I went looking for your thoughts on the transparent tarot, like a review-type thing, and couldn’t find anything. This deck has been calling me for nigh on two years, but I’m not a very well-versed tarot reader. Do you think it’s an okay deck for a novice to attempt?

      Thanks, Dix! :-*

      1. I haven’t done a review on it yet. It’s a very interesting deck. I was initially worried the images would be too simplistic to get anything out of, but the visuals of seeing things in layers is a whole different experience.

        I think they would be fine if they appeal to you; while the images themselves are not traditional, the meanings are. There is a full book with it to get you oriented, and the fact they have traditional meanings would allow you to use other resources as you worked with them if you wanted.

  7. Oh, let’s see….YES! Thoughts are real. Sometimes that 9 of Swords needs a good spanking! You have made me a real fan of the Transparent Tarot, Dixie, all due to your incredible skills.

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