July 29

Everyday Tarot, 07/29/11: Can you hear me now?


Tarot Déjà Vu!

Damn, Tarot.

Ya’ll have been digging on this Transparent Tarot, so I grabbed the deck, shuffled it up, and pulled three cards. And wouldn’t you know it—they were EXACTLY the same three cards we got a couple days ago—don’t isolate (King of Cups, Ten of Wands, Three of Cups). I KNOW I shuffled. Um…again? Unless I’m missing something in the message. The cards will have to be blunt if that’s the case. Even us Tarot readers have our moments, y’know.

So I pulled a couple more—Seven of Wands and Two of Cups. You see what we’ve got going on here? In every life, there are some burdens that we carry alone, and some battles that we have to fight ourselves. But if we always act from the heart, celebrate (and console) one another, and keep our hearts open to love and partnership, this is what gets us through. Connection fuels our resolve for perseverance and passion for living and keeps the work worthwhile.

The long and short of it? There are breaks in the assault of responsibilities and demands. So when you see one, call a friend! Keep your heart open, connect with people who care about you whenever and however you can, and work through everything, one step at a time.

You can do this…just not yesterday. Be here, now, full present emotionally and you’ll get through. Much love to all who could use a hug!

You see anything else in here? ‘Cause there may well be, since the cards are getting louder!

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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King of Cups, Seven of Wands, Ten of Wands, Three of Cups, Transparent Tarot, Two of Cups

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  1. Be here, now, full present emotionally and you’ll get through. I am guilty of not being here now. I want out of this so bad I am living in tomorrow.

  2. “I want out of this so bad, I’m living in tomorrow”
    Moozie, what’s tomorrow look like? You realize there is a tomorrow in there which speaks highly of a tendency for something beautiful, it’s called HOPE

    Are you seeing where you want it to go? Or are you seeing where you are afraid it will go. If the former..switch the vision. Then, come back to today and figure a way out to make it there, cuz YOU can

    How do I know? Cuz, I have the same problem. I’m always SEVERAL miles down the road ahead of where I really am. But when I realized that making that vision of tomorrow something hopeful instead of dreadful, I also realized..hey man, I’M NOT THERE YET. BUT there are things I can do RIGHT now to get me there

    it’s a big deal..lol. I’m glad I had a chance to share that one.
    Many blessings to you!

  3. Honestly Josi I was thinking this exact thing earlier. Am I afraid, or am I in a fog? I live with both fear and confusion which one holds me, which one stops me from living in the now?

    1. Moozie

      From “Invictus”
      It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll.
      I am the master of my fate:
      I am the captain of my soul.

      You have the power to decide that Do not be afraid, look for where you WANT to go and then take the hold the wheel. Figuring out the destination you want is key.

      Which one stops you from living in the now? Both. The confusion and fear stop you from living, period. They may always be there. But they are more powerful if you keep recharging them. Charge something else, a different vision and quickly the batteries of fear and confusion will lose their charge. Change your mind..you will change your world.

  4. Great cards, Dixie, and great thoughts, Josi!

    The basement has flooded (again)and I’m headed to the dr’s (again) today, but I just gotta laugh at this point. I’m getting a handle on it all.
    Void moon all day today too. So take a nap, take care of yourself, and have at it again tomorrow.

  5. It’s almost as if this love has come from a great struggle or a big sacrifice?

    The burden would be too much to handle, if it wasn’t for the support of a great solid person who is open and loving. And friends.

  6. See anything else in there? TGIF! Definitely looks to me like a good time for a party, before the work starts up again. (ps – I am digging those transparent cards!)

  7. This is a really beautiful message. It’s like that quick flash of a double rainbow you see unexpectedly between the onslaught of heavy thunderstorms. :rainbow: :rainbow:

    This weekend, I’ll be celebrating with people I truly love at my Leo brother’s birthday party! It will be a wonderful, all-day, fantastic party! And I’ll be taking the cards’ message to heart.

    Thanks, Dixie!

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