June 29

Everyday Tarot, 06/29/11: Graduation Lessons from Nine of Coins


nine-coins-legacy-tarot-forecastGrappling with “old news” issues, it’s easy enough to feel like you are just not making any progress. Easy enough, sure, but not really true. Just because you can still feel it doesn’t mean you’re not mastering it, you know? It still may be Graduation day. That’s what I’m telling myself today.

Maybe you’ll agree. And maybe it will answer some of the questions I’ve been getting on yesterday’s Everyday Tarot.

Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Coins, or “Lord of Material Gain,” associated with Venus in Virgo. You’ll often see this card when someone is going back to school, either literally or figuratively. It’s exams! This is a lady of refinement—she’s done the Eight of Pentacles work, and has the understanding to show for her dedication. To get here, she’s already overcame many obstacles—most notably, internal. Her falcon (base nature) is well trained, because she’s put the required effort into doing so.

If this is where you’re at , the natural question is “What next?” We’re at integration now, mastering the lessons that have shown up along the trip, recognizing and acknowledging  how far we’ve traveled.

From here, we move to the Ten of Coins, where our sense of home, family and prosperity merge. It’s a nice place to live.

The Nine of Coins reminds us we HAVE been learning along the way, and if we’re prepared to value (Venus) the clarity (Virgo), we can pull together a lovely whole incorporating all we’ve learned. Yes, there is prioritizing (Virgo) underway, but hey—since when is being clear on what you value (Venus) a bad idea?

We’ve lived, we’ve felt and we’ve learned. Now it’s time to use that wisdom to keep living, only better.

Do you see the Nine of Coins in your life? Or around you?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. I just pulled this card this morning, except it was reversed. Bah. It’s definitely my favorite card these days.

  2. Yes, on one level I am feeling that “wow, look at where I am!” deal, yet life is a journey, so I am grounded (Virgo) in the truth there is always more to learn and redefine. The lessons may be easier along the way because of the work done and the value found. I just keep smiling and keep movin’ on.

  3. I SO feel this! I don’t want to break my arm patting myself on the back but WOW, I did ok.

    I was in a frenzy yesterday from irritation surrounding an “expired” situation then this morning I realized I pushed through & took care of MY stuff. Months ago this would NOT have happened I would’ve been on the gerbil wheel ALL DAY!

    Dixie, this is SO your doing by helping me look inward to help me stay on MY path & by letting go of the energy just a little I have looked at recent events in a completely different light.

    It may only be pre-school graduation I’m celebrating but you can’t go on to the next grade until you master the one you’re in at the time. GO ME, there will be celebratory cake later today!

    1. Nobody can hear anything they are not ready to hear. I’m gratified to know you’ve found our interaction helpful, but I tell ya, CancerMom, there is no way I’m going to take credit for your work. It’s enough to be glad if I can help smooth the way a bit.

      ♥ Go, YOU! ♥

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