July 5

Everyday Tarot, 07/05/11: The Light Out Front | Knight of Pentacles


IMG_1416I’d gotten some rollerblades and I didn’t want to kill myself on them. So I went to a rink for a couple of lessons. It’s my first, from the owner, who’s swaying in and out, skating backwards in front of me so we could talk.

“Visualize a big ball of energy, like light, floating about three feet in front of you. Let it lead…just follow the energy. Don’t look down at your feet. Follow your ball of light. Stay with it.”

I was surprised a skating lesson felt so Zen.

Today’s Tarot is the Knight of Pentacles associated with Air of Earth. Get your thoughts grounded. Get real. And get busy.

All this stuff you’ve been playing with in your head, planning to do? The “You know you should, you know you want to, you know you’re life will be better once you do it” kind of stuff? Do that.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing, okay? No need to suck the joy out of the room by insisting everything has to be done yesterday, obsessing over the trivial, getting distracted by the process while failing to look at the point. That’s all procrastination with a bow on, calling itself “responsibility.”

Just do something. A little bit. It all counts. And don’t make it painful when it doesn’t need to be. Taking good care of yourself and your needs adds to your happy factor. Sometimes the process takes adjustment, but it’s usually not the process that hurts all that much. It’s the fighting it and yourself that brews up emotional storms.

Like the Zen skater, the Knight of Pentacles would do well to keep focused on the light right in front of him—he’s riding towards the Sun, and it guides him home.

Can you see the light in front of you?

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  1. Oh, God, this is my favorite Dixie daily Tarot! I will always remember the Zen skating master. It helps so much to think of things that way!

  2. Oh, God, this is my favorite Dixie daily Tarot! I will always remember the Zen skating master. It helps so much to think of things that way!

  3. you have no idea how much I needed the reassurance in this reading. I’m following that ball of light, I see the light in front of me finally, after years of patient waiting and struggle, but the direction is scary and uncertain and so completely different than anything I’ve done yet, that I’m scared to make the move. Yet it’s the stuff I know I need and want. Gah. Change! So hard!

  4. Awesome stuff!
    Alright, dammit, I’m taking the stuff in my head and making it real already! This is going to be good!

  5. EXACTLY! Totally on the same wavelength again! Thanks for confirming that I am on the right path.

    I had been agonizing for over a week, thinking of all the awesome stuff I want and need to do, but somehow unable to start anything. For a week I had managed to get nothing done. I was feeling extremely frustrated, like I had no goals left and like I was just drifting in time and space, watching the days pass by. Thinking of mistakes I’ve made in the past, all the hurts, all the failures.

    Last night, I made a deal with myself. I’d procrastinate for one more evening, watching old episodes of my current TV show obsession. I’d watch it and dream away. But I’d get up in the morning and I’d get busy.

    I kept my promise and it feels better already. I went shopping. I called a friend and agreed to meet her tomorrow. I baked a cake that I haven’t tried before. I helped Mom around the house. I wrote and mailed an overdue letter. I paid my phone bill. Not much but it’s still more than I’ve managed during the entire week. And now I deserve to watch one more episode of the show!

  6. Thanks you so much, I have been tied up in knots for about two days now and I had forgotten about stop looking down and just keep looking forward when moving ahead. It is something physical therapist tell their clients all the time when rehabing them to walk.

  7. I’m sorry to nitpick, but page? or knight? Beautiful card either way. May have to consider getting a shadowscapes deck.

    1. It WAS helpful. I knew how to skate, just not on rollerblades. I needed to learn how to stop, for example, and a few other tricks for being comfortable on the blades. But the ball of light helped and it’s clearly stuck with me.

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