July 7

Everyday Tarot, 07/07/11: Before Battle, Check the War


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Before you go galloping off, half-cocked and prepared to do battle, take pause. That “thing”—you know, that thing that makes you absolutely crazy,  crazy enough to kick some ass over?!—yeah. It’s a reflection of your own image. One way or another, it’s your toes specifically being tromped, not “common decency,” man.

If you can come to see that disturbing bit of yourself, accept and forgive and yes, love even that part of you, it alters everything. You don’t have to ride defense any longer. This emotional flow unclogs and love can flow freely and easily henceforth.

Love thyself to be able to love others—do you think that’s true?

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3-Card Spread, Ace of Cups, Knight of Swords, The Lovers

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  1. So you’re saying if I’m irritated at someone for their behavior & ready to throw down it’s because I have those same “irritants” & I’m really just pissed at the reflection?

    I’m looking at certain people & how they irritate me & I can totally see this; procrastination-daughter, laziness-son & not taking better care of themselves-mom. I’m sure I get pissed at them for other things that belong to them; however, I agree with your assesment. VERY INTERESTING!

    1. I’m saying the stuff that drives me the MOST crazy, somehow, somewhere, on some level, I own it. Little things, not so much but the pull-my-hair-out- nutty, yeah. It’s mine.

      1. I liked it SO much better when I was just pissed at people. I just got irritated at my husband for something & I was trying to figure out if I owned any of it! Nah it was all him – LOL

          1. Yes it did! I was starting to wind up to go off on him but backed down a little as I was thinking if I owned any of it! HAHAH You are SO insightful my pink haired buddy!


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