June 24

Everyday Tarot, 06/24/11: King of Pentacles Serves Dinner


king-pentacles-tarot-forecastI am SO much better at giving advice than taking it. I’m thinking it’s not just me, though. But either way, I’m trying to take today’s advice. Because I’m master of letting my own needs slide a thousands ways to Sunday–especially if there is somebody else needing something. But this is not always the best plan.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the King of Pentacles or “Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land,” associated with Fire in Earth. I prefer this fellow to be right side up, as he is protector and provider. He sometimes refers to an individual, or sometimes to an attitude, but he’s always looking out for the needs of his realm. I think of him as a secondary father figure, after the Emperor.

This version form the New Vision Tarot shows the back of the scene, making for an interesting juxtaposition from the classic rendition. Is that a goose back there? Whatever the bird is, he doesn’t look like he’s missed any meals lately!

The King of Pentacles would have us ground ourselves, and pay extra attention to physical needs. Eating well, sleeping enough, and yes, restorative recreation would all be advised. For this King knows you can give your best if you’re at your best—which means making wise, considered choices and protecting yourself.

Particularly, pay attention to how you use resources—wastefulness will have costs both personal and in limiting your impact in assisting others. You can still be helpful, but take note to see if your contributions are actually making a difference. If they aren’t, it may be time to lay down a proclamation.

The King of Pentacles reminds us there IS enough, so long as we remain attentive to how is parceled out.

What does the King say to you?

Tarot of the New Vision (English and Spanish Edition)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. It never fails. You always draw the King of Pentacles when my husband’s taken a day off, but I planned to spend said day cleaning and prepping for already laid plans instead of playing with him. Point taken: will make time to relax and enjoy my husband’s point of view today as well.

  2. For me, the King of Pentacle is reminding me to look after myself and my needs before others… i tend to be the reversal. like the mantra I found… “Don’t make someone a priority, if they are making you an option.” written by Mark Twain. Wise King himself.

  3. Less than a week ago when I got my first deck, I took a card and asked the deck what kind of a deck will it be, what’s its personality like. And I got the King of Pentacles.

    P.S. I really like seeing the back sides of the cards, so fun

  4. I love my King of Pentacles husband!
    If not for him, I would be swimming and dreaming in my Queen of Cups head all the time!
    He keeps me grounded and safe. Also: He takes the morning shift with the kids.

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