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Everyday Tarot, 07/01/11: Wash that Man Right Out of Your Aura! | Hermit


IMG_1402Water holds emotion—weather you’re sweating it out, drinking it in, engulfed in a wave or crying in your beer. There’s still waters and stormy weather. Tears ease pain and expend pent-up emotional energy. We can “throw cold water” on an idea, or drown our sorrows.

I refer to showers and baths as “magic,” because soap and water clean up the energy body every bit as well as the physical body, I’m convinced. Who doesn’t feel better after a hot shower or bath? And that’s why drinking water is so helpful—it keeps your emotions flowing freely. They are less likely to back up.

Today’s Tarot is the Hermit or “Magnus of the Voice of Light,” number IX of the Major Arcana and associated with Virgo. (This card came in inverted, but I flipped the pic to see the chick.) The Hermit speaks to self-reflection, turning inward and limiting contact with the outside world. The Hermit washes off outside influences, isolates to classify, categorize, and come to understand.

This housewife Hermit is suggesting it’s time for a bath—an energy bath. It’s important to keep energy clean now. To me, that is know what’s mine, wash off what’s not. This is the only way I’ll be able to sort (Virgo) my thoughts (Virgo). If you don’t do this, you could be wearing someone else’s attitude and not even realize it.

You give and take vibrations from others in your sphere, and the more energy invested, the more similar your vibrations become. So be aware of who warrants your attention—and take regular time out to clean up outside vibes. That helps you stay balanced and not overwhelmed with other people’s energy.

Bonus tip: Spend time in, on or around water to process emotional upsets. Visualize the water washing away unpleasant feelings. Selenite is known to be a good gemstone for cleansing energy as well—and can be used to clear crystals or other gemstones.

Does your energy need a bath?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. The reason it is inverted is cause then it’s a pisces, we are the original of all you described. Wash away all that is old and stinky.

  2. The reason it is inverted is cause then it’s a pisces, we are the original of all you described. Wash away all that is old and stinky.

    1. I have so much fun with this deck! I think y’all probably get sick of seeing it. I try not to overdo. But it captures the meanings perfectly while putting a whole, new spin on it.

      1. I like the fact that you have this have deck. As so it should be as above, so below. My deck just don’t look good you, and your deck don’t look good on me. WE NEED EACH OTHER ; )))))

      2. I think this meaning helps with a dream I had this morning. I was washing an extremely filthy tub, full of stuff that shouldn’t have even been inside a bathtub.

        I used to have other decks and now I regret giving them away.

  3. I love the Housewife deck cuz I’m just a housewife – LOL.

    LOTS OF WATER AROUND HERE! I’m headed to the tub later & will be pulling the plug on whatever comes off but not before I soak in the bubbles with a glass of wine surrounded by candlelight. Hubby will be happy -wink wink.

    Strange water stuff Dixie, you never cease to amaze me at what you pull up for your loyal followers. (((D)))

  4. I was going to have a salt bath last night – scented bath salts and the spa going – but I ended up half-asleep on my bed, and feeling icky. I had it all planned, so I should have gone along with it (bath, chamomile tea, etc). Instead, I was still awake at 8am, although just barely. I need to get my sleeping schedule sorted out, and I’m now having another physical problem that my aunt thinks is stress and hormone-related. She thinks it should clear up easily (and that my emotional problems – the excessive ones I’ve been having), might be helped, too.

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