June 22

Everyday Tarot, 06/22/11: Finishing that Business w/8 of Wands


8-wands-daily-tarot-forecastI’ve been talking about “having the antsy.” I do, too, you know. It’s good to know that unfinished business is on it’s way to being resolved, if today’s draw is any indication.

wands08sToday’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Wands or “Lord of Swiftness,” associated with Mercury in Sagittarius. Big (Sagittarius) news (Mercury) arrives fast (Mercury)! As one of the Tarot Eights, it’s a culmination, representative of sustained effort over a long period.

Yes, things are moving fast and furious and it’s unsettling as all get out, but at least they’re moving and it won’t be long yet. Unfinished business getting settled when you see these wand flying by.

I sometimes tell friends (okay—myself, too), “the anticipation is worse than the actual event.” I’ve found time and again that my worries, fussing, obsessing and general itchiness with unsettled situations is consistently more disturbing than whatever eventually goes down. Knowing that helps, some.

I’ve got my own psyche stirred up at the moment—a challenge to make my own dinner, lit up under the recent Eclipse. I’ve been reading back, the last few days Everyday Tarot forecasts, and see the synchronicity plain as day, elegant as ballet, unfolding in preperation of climax, resolution, and change of scene.

Okay. I’m ready, Tarot! Bring it on. I’ve been complaining about the untidy skeletons cluttering the back of my brain for years now.  I ask for support clearing them out, and it appears I’m getting it—okay. Be careful what you wish for! Snort.

Do you have unfinished business afoot?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. information is pouring in
    not that i have clue what to do with it
    so, i’m just noting it all and waiting for it to click

    shew..you are right about the anticipation part. I wish it would just be over with already. Pressure is up up up for many today I think.

  2. I am so jealous of you, in a good way :)))) I had lots to do these past 3 days and asked how this was going to turn out . . .acting with confusion and no resolution at this time due to confusion. Looks like I am being mars/neptuned. I want what your having . . .

    1. Yeah, well, my Neptune doesn’t always know if the drink’s spiked or not. And I’ve got some Mars/Neptune myself, and sometimes miss when there are wars still being waged. This, I’ve decided, is a great blessing. I much prefer not to know about some of it until after the fact.

      ♥ Ms. Moozie!!

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