July 16

Everyday Tarot, 07/16/11: Death Transforms, Like it or Not


death-tarotNow, I’m as happy-go-lucky-Pollyanna-spinning-chick as you’re going to find. But really…I consider it disservice to over-spin. We field whatever we get and the clearer we can see it, the better we can field. You know? Best to skip the denial part, as it tends to blow up.

Today, we’ve got Transformation, better known as Death or Child of the Great Transformers, associated with Scorpio. This is lovely imagery, but sure not my favorite interpretation of Death. The Psychic Tarot Oracle is so…soft. Death as a pretty young woman with butterfly wings? Blink. Okay. I suppose Death could come in any outfit. But really? At least she looks a little startled, I guess.

Death heralds irrevocable change, so best not get clingy over old news. It’s history! Like any Scorpio-flavored shift, changes are powerful and deep. Letting go of the old, accepting what is, and allowing  transformation as peacefully as you can are your best bests for coping.

I just think it’s very important to acknowledge, this card’s energy is generally HARD. Not bad, but hard. Big changes are hard, and often painful. It IS transformative, life-changing, but that kind of growth does not come without cost. Finding a new paradigm means shaking free the old one, however attached to it we may have been.

When you see the Death card, know you’re talking about a deep, fundamental change in worldview. Know that there is always a reason—in the larger picture, whatever you’ll have to let go now is dead, and holding on to it will start to stink up the place. We can try to avoid or ignore, but that doesn’t reanimate corpses.

Transformation says there’s been a fundamental shift. Processing the shift both hurts and liberates simultaneously.

Have you been liberated by a Transformation recently?

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  1. This is a card that follows me where ever I go. I’m constantly transforming. And I am going through one right now. It can be very hard, but it is something that we all must do.

  2. This card has been coming up a lot for me lately. (Along with the 5 of cups… so tired of seeing that one). Apparently, I am not done “shaking free of the old paradigm” (I really like that phrase).

    So, I guess it’s on to more scrutiny of what’s in my life and what more I need to let go of and change. Yeah… this IS hard. Just when I think I’ve tossed out what no longer works, I’m reminded that I’m not done yet. …sigh…. Ok, let’s look at this one… more…time.

  3. O’my gosh YES! I feel like I am transforming in a lot of different areas and in lots of new ways! It has been going on for a while, but I am feeling it a little more today, especially towards my hubby, and the goals I want to accomplish!

  4. I see this, and just want to start screaming. But I’ve got to look at it differently. The shift has happened. The walls have fallen.
    Now it’s time to pick myself up, and move along. I just can’t “see” how at the moment, but when I stay still, I’ll see it.

  5. LOTS OF TRANSFORMATION yet still working on the liberating the “old” thoughts. From the Ace of swords a few days back – the energy is still new & it takes time to mature.

    To me the death card is THE MAYO from the Housewive’s Tarot. The mayo has been thrown away because it’s expired; however, I haven’t taken out the trash yet so it’s still kind of close.

    Thanks Dixie, great reminder card!

  6. I deliberately waited until just before bedtime to read this in response to a sassy comment someone made to me about only knowing if your divination works if you test it. I just smiled and said no prob. I drew my cards this morning, but didn’t look, and set aside your blog until now. Death in both, which for me is a two-way message since it also stands for my love with Hecate as well. It’s a “this message is important and if you don’t listen, I’ll use your husband, other deities and all of your psychic friends to pound it into you until you Aha!” as well as a “Grab a door frame and let the earthquake redecorate the room” card.

    Personal: Today, I had a fabulous morning with my goddess and the earth in my yard. I found a cool tree has decided it simply must grow where I have tomato frames set up for next year. I have to completely reconsider my garden plan now.

    Business: I not only got a different agent than I expected, but in a different way than I expected. I’m suddenly mentoring another person this week for 9 hours a day, three days long. She will take my old agent with her when she leaves. I believe they’ll be a fabulous fit. There’s still a twinge though since I really like the one I’m giving her.

    home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html: My dogs have completely changed as a result of me buckling down and learning control of my body language, verbals and tone when I speak with them. They’re happier than I expected. They’re obeying and de-stressed. We almost lost Domino because dogs are alien to me. I made a lot of mistakes. My hard work this last week paid off today. This has also helped me deal better with JC. He’s very canine in his thinking.

    I met other traditional witches this last week. Today marked a change with a couple of them from FB friends to actual spiritual connections.

    After a huge hullabaloo with the Death card showing up everywhere awhile back and me freaking (and being helped immensely by the amazing Lupa!), I now welcome it. It’s never easy, but I kinda like the way the room looks when it leaves.

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