August 12

08/12/11: Little Choices Create Big Results | Ace of Pentacles, Star Rev.


When I first started working on my weight, I was more or less obsessed with how fast I would be able to dump the poundage. A a hundred pounds is a lot! And I hated dieting, considering chocolate one of the primary food groups and all, so I wanted it to MOVE. Encouraged by swift losses common in the first couple weeks of a new eating program, I began projecting how long this whole thing would take me, if I was able to maintain those initial rates of weight loss. I was going to diet my way to health so I could get back to eating the crap I loved.

Yeah. I know how stupid and unrealistic that is…now. Me and my spreadsheet eventually got a clue.  Sometimes life is like that. Those clues pop up when you are wholeheartedly trying to look the other way.


Today’s Tarot is the Ace of Pentacles or Root of the Powers of Earth and the Star, reversed or Daughter of the Firmament, associated with Aquarius. Now, the Ace of Pentacles is a very physical, real world kind of energy—quite literally, birth energy. Be it a child, a job, a home or a life, something new is just getting started now. The Star, on the other hand, is a lot less hands-on and a lot more detached, someday-in-the-future kind of vibe, just like modern interpretation of Aquarius.

So what can we do with this mix? Focus on taking care of today’s business; don’t allow daydreams of “someday” to distract and scatter your energy. The future does come into focus over time (and here, it looks like a hopeful one!) but how that forward-looking future manifests is as a direct result of what you’re creating right now.

decisionI’m not saying your dreams won’t come to pass. They very well might! But don’t assume they’ll be in exactly the same outfit as you envision them now. I am at a reasonably healthy weight, although you won’t see me modeling bikinis, and I can never go back to a chocolate-based diet without consequences the way I’d (unreasonably) expected.

Except now, I don’t want that pretend future. I feel better and will undoubtedly live a longer, healthier life because of the changes I made. The better life I have now wasn’t a result of ticking off the minutes until I could start mainlining Hershey syrup—it comes from an understanding I gained while I was putting one foot in front of the other, most often doing what I knew best on a daily basis. It was a result of sensible, tangible decisions, each individually so small as to be insignificant. But taken as a whole, this series of decisions utterly changed my life. This is the kind of energy we’re talking about.

Make the best, most sound choices you can make today, using the best of what you’ve got to work with. Keep doing it just like that, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Do you see the cumulative impact of little choices in your life? How big is it?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Ace of Pentacles, Aquarius, Earth Element, Morgan-Greer, The Star

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  1. O’my gosh yes! Great post Ms. Dixie! My impacts have been big and small, but my Aqua moon is happy because that is progress! I am currently enjoying my impacts.

  2. Dixie, CONGRATS on your weight loss! You amaze me at how you get me to see myself & my actions in a completely different light with your tarot readings.

    Your weight loss was methodical & well thought out-BRAVO. I am a Control Freak-Instant Gratification kind of girl; in a previous post I explained how I pre-germinate any seeds I plant. I lost quite a bit of weight but I had Lap-Band surgery. It was easy to loose the weight & keep it off; however, it’s the lifestyle changes I needed to work on as well so I’m still learning my lessons on this. Am I healthier now, meh yeah but I could & should be MUCH healthier after the weight loss.

    “Focus on taking care of today’s business; don’t allow daydreams of “someday” to distract and scatter your energy.” YIKES – A reminder from tarot!! There is a fun event a my husband & daughter are going to w/ friends on Monday and I’m not allowing my imagination to run wild and I REALLY need to stay focused on what I need to do for my family not the imaginary people or situations in my life.

    Great stuff yet again Dixie!

    1. CancerMom, you have powerful energy. It’s like a laser when you focus, so the choice of what to focus on would be particularly relevant. You don’t want to haul out a cannon to swat a gnat, man. That would just make a big mess.

  3. Yay for your weight loss, wisdom and long healthy life-thus far.

    The career direction change Marly K predicted months ago for about this time just kicked into visible gear. I can see now the little things that have been building up to it, but at the time not so much.

    My readings indicated which people I’d have fabulous creative chances with and who would drive me to detachment or a feeling a limbo over time – Limbo is Hell as far as I’m concerned. So I focused on those who would bring light and mental fab-ness.

    I got a phone call last night that let me know the next two weeks are kicking off the change. My mind has been running rampant since.

    Then I read this post and remembered I do still have to do my current job. Thanks

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