June 30

Everyday Tarot, 06/30/11: Two Cookies, Later! Rev. 7 of Pentacles


IMG_1401When my children were little, I tried to teach them about delayed gratification. Repeatedly. You know that’s not a natural concept to rug rats. And I always used the “cookie example.”

“What if I told you that you could have one cookie now, or if you waited ten minutes, you could have two cookies instead? That’s delayed gratification. You’re waiting on getting something you want to get something better.”

Did she understand what I was trying to tell her at the time? I asked her, now she’s grown up.

“It pissed me off! It always pissed me off. I hated the cookie example. I didn’t care about one pretend cookie now or two pretend cookies later. All I could think is, ‘I want cookies! Why does she keep talking about cookies when I don’t have any cookies?!?’ Aggghh!”

Parenting lesson fail, done in by choice of metaphor.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Seven of Pentacles inverted, or “Lord of Success Unfulfilled,” associated with Saturn in Taurus. We have a process here—a beautiful garden isn’t something you plant one night and wake up to harvest the next morning. It takes steady, reliable attention and care—the value (Taurus) is delivered over time (Saturn). Digging up the seeds every thirty minutes to see if they are maturing is counter-productive.

Notice it’s the “Lord of Success Unfulfilled,” not “Success Unattainable.” Doesn’t mean it’s not coming. It’s just not here yet. Hold out.

The fruit may not be ready for the picking yet, but it doesn’t mean it’s not ripening at the perfect pace. Delayed gratification is in order. Don’t try to force—let things unfold at their natural pace, and just see to it you’re providing support, feeding and watering at the right times. That’s your job. And don’t forget to step back and appreciate the progress. The Seven of Pentacles is always a good reminder to take stock of what you’re growing.

Are you feeling this?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. Wow Dixie. Spot on.
    You what I’ve found too? You have to have faith and trust in the child–know that you taught them right and eventually it will kick in. My son is floundering—badly right now. And I’ve been basically cut off from him per his wishes. It hurts like hell. And I worry about him like crazy. I know why he is mad and I know he has false realities around what happened. I know that he is not owning his part in any of it. And now, after I’ve beat myself relentlessly, I can say I know that I acted in the right manner and with the right intention. And to be quite honest, if could not have come to these realizations I would be inconsolable by now. I trust the guidance that I received from the Divine while raising my children. I trust and have faith in my child that he has been given just the right tools to figure everything out, but I cannot control whether or not he wants to use them right now or not. But I love him. He will know I love him even if does piss him off. And with wise advice from my Ox..”time…cling to me to get through this and it will all be ok in time” I’m pretty sure I can wait for that to happen. And are you surprised that I got the emperor on his head when I asked what I should do? You don’t control this Josi..let it go.

  2. Thanks, Dixie. I had another interpretation of this card in my mind, but this post makes it much clearer. I have been getting this card a lot and now I see it fitting together better now after having read this. So yes, I am feeling it, LOL!

  3. My daughter tells me “I wear glasses so I can see enough to enjoy the journey but you (me-mom) wear binoculars because you’re only focused on the destination”. She later changed it from binuculars to telescope & calls me Hubble.

    I’m an instant gratification kinda gal but she’s a cultivator. I like to garden & rarely plants seeds but when I do I always pre-germinate them before planting so I don’t have to dig ’em up to check on ’em. I’ve never realized how meaningful & telling my planting habits are to my actualy personality until now – WOW.

    It’s not like your daughter NEVER got a cookie for goodness sake & I’m pretty sure she’ll use the cookie metaphor when she has children.

    Thanks Dixie for the additional insight!

  4. Once again, Dixie, get out of my head! LOL

    This card has been coming up for me for a looooong time now.
    I knew what it meant (“You must have Patience, Grasshopper”), but my Mars in Aries was throwing a tantrum about it. I wanted the cookies NOW! I didn’t understand why I had to wait.

    Now, I do understand. And I know there will be cookies in my future! And they’re going to taste mighty good!

    Thanks for your beautiful explanation on what this card means!

  5. I know a little too much about delayed gratification – there are times when I admit that I should have just gone for it, and didn’t. I’m also too impulsive in ways, but my default setting is to wait, most of the time.

    I need to start trying out reversals. I only ever read them when they show up accidentally, since I don’t shuffle for them.

    Josi, I’m sorry to hear that; I hope your son comes around. ♥ (salali, here.)

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