June 25

Everyday Tarot, 06/25/11: Transcending Polarities


daily-tarot-forecast-transparentI wanted something fresh, so I reached for the Transparent Tarot. Superimposing the images triggers entirely different stories than you’d get looking at each card in isolation. It’s like visual poetry, sure to stir something up! And stir it did.

Today’s Tarot forecast is a three card spread—er, stack.

  • The Moon or “Ruler of Flux and Reflux,” associated with Pisces (I know, it’s counter-intuitive. Think in terms of meaning and don’t gripe to me about it.)
  • The World or “The Great One of the Night of Time,” associated with Saturn
  • Two of Wands or “Lord of Dominion,” associated with Mars in Aries

Two Major Arcana—it’s a deep, what we’re looking at. The two figures present their wands to each other, each with like force and conviction. It’s a polarity.

See how this Moon has her physical eyes closed, but her Third Eye open? Framed by the World energy—integrated, confident of her own integrity—she can afford to be generous. She understands on a deep level how differences in perspective are part of the natural order, trusting each to travel their own sacred path in their own time and way, without getting caught up in the details. Details aren’t necessary to live well here.

So the stuff that gets under my skin? The people, places and things that so often frustrate me? How about I let go of it, look higher, seek a more complete picture where everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be, doing whatever it is they need to do? That doesn’t mean I don’t need to protect myself at times. But those times are relatively few and far between.

Today, I’m looking to be respectful of everyone I meet, whether they vibrate very much like me or very much apart. I’m going to understand, on a soul level, each of us is here, walking our own path, and that is a sacred and individual (Fool’s) journey; it’s not necessary for me to understand others’ paths; my job is to walk my own as well as I can. For everyone else, send as much love as possible when we pass.

What do you see?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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3-Card Spread, Major Arcana, Mars in Aries, Pisces, Saturn, The Moon, The World, Transparent Tarot, Two of Wands

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  1. “it’s not necessary for me to understand others’ paths; my job is to walk my own as well as I can.”

    Thank you for the reminder of what you’ve taughter me!

  2. Dixie, now this is a perfect example of why I like reading your Everyday Tarot, you put order to the word jumble in my head.

    Many thanks!

  3. Oooooo… NOW I get the Transparent Tarot! I could never see what it was supposed to do before… but THIS is awesome!

    This speaks to me about a question on relationships I’ve been tossing around. The visual imagery is all I need! It’s about how each of us is different, but that what we bring together is really inspiring, creative and good. That I need to follow my intuition and see the divine flow here, and it will all be good and perfect. Just the way it was meant to be.

    Beautiful! Thanks, Dixie!

    1. I was just as puzzled before I got this deck–I thought the images were to spartan to do much for me, until I started playing with them, and boom! Ohhhhhhh.

      Glad to hear it spoke to y’all. Yay!

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