July 20

Everyday Tarot, 07/20/11: Nine of Wands–Last Round



In any drawn-out struggle, there’s the point of decision—are you going to pack it up and cut your losses, or are you going to dig your heels in, and do whatever it takes to finish? Either one can be a valid choice, depending, but it’s the choice itself we’re talking about.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Nine of Wands or Lord of Great Strength, associated with Mars in Sagittarius.  This guy is in it for the long haul, no question about it! You see him when battle weary, drawing on those last reserves of strength and determination to hold your ground.


The Nine of Wands doesn’t ask if you’ve committed—he doesn’t generally show up unless there has been commitment and extensive efforts to follow through. Instead, he speaks to the cost of seeing it through.  “Do it or die trying” comes to mind, because that’s the attitude here. I’m hoping by the time you get to this point, you’ve already checked to see if it’s a hill worth dying on!

What I’m reminded of is all the work that has already been done—all the fight, the struggle and the progress. Yes, we may get tired. But you know, we’ve worked very hard already, to get this far. We’re in the final stages. The Nine of Wands suggests we can triumph, if we’re prepared to dig our heels in for the final phase. So take a deep breath, ask for whatever support you need, and let’s get this done, shall we?!

You digging your heels in?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. LOL..you can bet your ass I am. I’ve taken a lot of flack lately over a decision I’ve made but I’m standing my ground. I’ve listen to the advice of others and let it sink in and realized..mmm…I may be too close to this but you are not close enough to really advise me what to do. So thanks, but to me, this is important. Some of my actions that went along with the decision may not have been perfect..I’ll own that. But, the decision is mine and I’m keeping it.
    (that was kinda a big deal, my progressed Leo Moon is rather proud of it )

  2. Well, I’m wondering. I’ve had a goal for the past..oh….let’s say several years.
    So, does this card signify a recent decision, or something you’ve held for a long, long time? Because there’s a lot of times it’s been a struggle to get back up and have at it again. But I do it. And I’ll do it again. I’ve fallen over a lot. But I’m standing up again.
    Just curious what everyone thinks! ?:-)

    1. Personally, I see this after an extended effort of some kind or another. I suppose it could be all packed into a short time frame, something recent, but “battle weary” is one way I usually think of it.

  3. The Nine of Wands was my Card of the Day as well today. I would say coincidence except I don’t believe in coincidences

    My quick interpretation of the card is: ‘I know you are tired, and it has been a long road to get here, but stick at it and you will succeed. Don’t give up now when the finish line is in sight’

    Great Post Dixie

    Blessings xx

  4. Me too. I would keep going had I not seen this one, but it will make it easier to brush aside doubts and fears today, when they arise. They do, of course, Nice to see this one follow-up the reminder about having faith. It is a potent combo. Seems to be exactly what I need this week. Thanks!

  5. it is interesting to me how the wisdom of the card you pick… just fits. I made a decision…well, actually a few and diggin’ in to completion and I am leaving a few people scratching their heads in wondering… how is she doing this? my question is “how can I not?” I trust my intuitive guidance and heart’s desire. So no more excuses, reasons or time… let’s get this going and completed! woo hoo.

  6. Yep. I get this. Like some other amazing people around here, I too am going to DO this, come hell or high water.

    I can’t quit now. I’ve come too far.

    Great post – thanks Dixie!

  7. I’ve thrown out the mayo, taken out the trash, now i just need to keep my mouth shut and keep looking & moving forward. Life is good and I’m grateful so I just need to keep doing what I NEED to do.

    For me this isn’t about “giving up” it’s about LET GO & LET GOD!

    Great reminder to keep on trucking down MY path.
    Blessings to all!

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