June 21

Everyday Tarot, 06/21/11: Knight of Wands, Forging Steel


knight-wands-daily-tarot-forecastWe have a Cardinal Grand Cross at the moment and a lot of people are feeling it. I am! Grand Crosses mean stress and friction and in Cardinal, expect issues surrounding control and identity to be front and center.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Knight of Wands or “Prince of the Chariot of Fire,” associated with Air in Fire—passion overtakes reason. I often see this card appear when someone is struggling with what to do, especially under a sense of pressure, where one is feeling driven to do something. This is an active, driven force. This knight MOVES! He’s off to create, to work, to do the heavy lifting. This can be good—things are getting done—but can also create problems, when decisions are rash or actions are taken hastily.

But don’t assume this vibe is bad. I think of this kind of energy very much as “trial by fire”—where character is forged, decisions are made and futures, created.

When you see the Knight of Wands, don’t just bolt in the whatever direction you are facing. Reign in impulsiveness, as that’s this Knight’s weakness, and make sure your (considerable) force is aimed where you actually want to go.

Questions to consider:

  • What’s my objective? What do I hope to accomplish?
  • Does this action take me closer?
  • Am I missing something important to consider in the midst of this drive to move?

If you can check your map before you take off like a Knight riding into battle here, this energy can be an intensely productive (if, at times, intensely uncomfortable) force.  Yes, it’s a lot of heat. But you know, fire forges steel.

Are you feeling this now?

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  1. “What are you doing honey?”


    “Channeling? It looks like you are scrubbing the kitchen floor tome.”

    “Yes, I’m scrubbing the kitchen floor as I channel my impulsiveness because I want to exert CONTROL over my emotions and engage them in a productive manner. Plus, it allows me to engage logic.”

    “That sounds complicated.”

    “It is. But it is the only thing saving your life right now. Just so you know.”
    Take that you impulsive Knight. We can work with ya!

    1. I dunno, Caroline. But I don’t think you’re missing much. That pent-up-gotta-do-something-whatever-anything-now!! vibe isn’t that much fun, anywho.

  2. Hoo boy. Yes, this Knight is all up in my business right now! I am being pushed pushed pushed by other people right now to make a decision about something I have practically NO information on. (And I’m just not happy about making this decision in the middle of eclipses and Mars square Neptune. I know I do NOT have all the info I need right now! And I also know all the info hasn’t even been put on the table yet!)

    Really holding this charging horse back right now. And it’s super hard. But I just won’t be forced into making desperate or impulsive decisions right now!

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