August 22

Fool Reversed, Knight of Pentacles: Who are you, really?


I’ve been doing a little emotional unpacking over here. It’s moving along, but still kind of a slow, messy business.

Although it’s not been a painless process, it’s definitely one I’m immensely grateful for. I’ve become sensitized to the times my responses feel “off.” I’ve had to step back repeatedly and just sit with it in order for it to unfold in a way that feels natural and right to me.

The strongest insights show up in the mornings, immediately upon waking up. So if you’re in a similar situation, let me suggest sleeping on it, over and over!

I also see a strong parallel to this process in the forecast for next week.

Next Week in Tarot

Image from the Radiant Rider-Waite.

As outlook next week, we have the Fool reversed, with advice coming in as the Knight of Pentacles. The overall vibe here is offers only a slight shift from last week.

People talking AT one another instead of WITH one another remains “a thing.” Projections, oversimplifications and flat-out false assumptions remain prominent. A sense of being misunderstood or mischaracterized are likely to materialize on multiple fronts, in both personal and collective spheres.

I know. It doesn’t sound all that nice, does it? But there is an upside.

A very powerful opportunity emerges from this. Being faced so obviously with who you ARE NOT points out in very sharp detail who you ARE. It takes stepping back from the situation to see it for sure, but the insights that flow from such a perspective are invaluable.

Who do you truly want to be? What behavior is consistent with that self-definition? What are you really all about?

The temptation in this environment is going to be working harder and talking louder in the hopes of being “understood.” It’s natural to enjoy the sense of affirmation that comes from feeling truly seen. I’ll be the first to acknowledge it’s great stuff, when it shows up organically. It’s also impossible to force.

But as much as we may feel the urge to pursue being understood, it’s an ultimately irrelevant goal. A sense of personal integrity is never the result of a vote. At best, these efforts are a distraction and at worst, derailment.

Making sure your direction remains consistent with your core values is the course the Knight of Pentacles advises. The heightened awareness offers us a roadmap to remaining true to ourselves.

Forget who else knows who you are. What matters is that YOU know who you are.


You do know who you are, right? Remembering this provides a lot more guidance than you’d imagine.

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Knight of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite, The Fool

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