April 17

04/18/13: Confused? Good! / Fool reversed



The Fool reversed makes me think a little of the Hangman reversed—confusing! Is he on a grand adventure, or is it a grand display of Foolishness? Maybe a little of both, I’m thinking. When we’re amidst a “foolish” period in our lives, it’s not always obvious, y’know. And even when it seems clear, perhaps not.

I’d say, don’t jump to conclusions. Keep your sense of adventure and wonder intact, absolutely. But also, be sure you’re open to new information. What you’re sure you know, you may not. What you’re sure you’re ignorant of, you may grasp more clearly than you realize.

Keep on walking ahead absolutely, but cautiously and be ready to question any sacred cows you’ve got home in the pen, you know?

Confused yet? Then you’ve got the idea! Because the big advantage of feeling confused over people that are feeling certain is that you know enough to seek clarity through additional information. This is your signpost to keep your eyes peeled and not dismiss notions simply because they don’t fit into your paradigm. If anything, stretch your paradigm to fit the facts.

Are you feeling confused?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Cosmic Tarot, The Fool

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  1. I am extremely confused, Dixie, so this is excellent advice. It looks like I’ve signed on for lots of classes from the universe ~ never held in a classroom. Well, this old dog is ready to learn some new tricks, keep my mind and eyes open, and stretch a few paradigms. All while having the courage to take some steps toward the edge of that cliff.

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