December 6

12/06/11: Perils of Adventure | The Fool


“For there is a price ticket on everything that puts a whizz into life, and adventure follows the rule. It’s distressing, but there you are.” Leslie Charteris

20111130_111319Today’s Tarot is the Fool (Uranus)—one of my favorites! Why, I even named the site after him. Ha! But you know, much as we Tarot people love to spin up all sunshine and flowers, this card does have his downsides.

The Fool doesn’t point to instant, effortless traveling. He’s mere potential, a blank slate. Meaning he has the capacity for unbridled good…or unbridled disaster! He’s undone, unfinished, undetermined. He’s off on his trip, taking a leap of faith. But inherent in any leap of faith is the possibility you may fall flat on your face. So be aware. RISK is involved in working with the Fool.

I’m not saying it’s not worth the leap anywho! It may well be. I’m just saying the Fool’s perch is somewhat precarious by it’s nature. In our jubilation to celebrate an exciting new journey, you have to expect there will sometimes be rocky patches. Bumps, you know? Don’t be blindsided when you hit a few.

Soooooooo…if you see the Fool, understand the nature of his energy. It’s a grand adventure for sure, a Hero’s journey you’re undertaking if you travel. You will find out things about yourself you never dreamed of—but you may not like all you find. The new vistas definitely come at a price. I tend to consider the costs worth paying, but then again, I’m pretty big on personal growth. It’s kind of my gig.

You have any foolishness going down?

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by Dennis Fairchild

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Tarot Nova, The Fool, Uranus

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  1. yup. My job just ended. I’m job hunting again. We just had a “Can we cut the food budget to $25/week?” conversation before he went to work. He may turn off the cell phone if I don’t get something quickly.

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement sent to me on here, by the way. I printed them out and have them where I can read them while dealing with one thing after another. Y’all are amazing.

  2. (((Garnet)))

    I’m holding a good thought for you! May something grander and more wonderful come along! (Along with a fatter paycheck!)

  3. Thank you, everyone.

    By creating a strict, unwavering meal plan. We’ll change it according to sales for in-season foods and coupons, but it stays the same all week. There’s no surprise “running out” or “bingeing” because we can’t afford it. If we turn out starving, we’ll have to tweak, but have found a good food set to use right now.

    Current plan:
    Breakfast: Betty’s Chicken Bake
    1 chicken breast, raw & diced with fat trimmed off and deboned.
    1 cup red, yellow, green bell peppers with yellow onions, frozen.
    1 cup cheese (I use 4-cheese Mexican blend), shredded. (I keep all shredded cheese in freezer. It doesn’t take longer to cook and doesn’t go bad if we go a week with no cheese.)

    Preheat to 350′. Lay chicken in one layer in ungreased pan. I use either a 8×8 square or 9″ round glass pan. Lay the bell peppers and onions in one layer over chicken. Sprinkle cheese over peppers. Bake 35-40 minutes until cheese is golden brown.

    My mother-in-law discovered this simple recipe when her doctor told her to eat bell peppers for her stroke after effects and overall health. She had chicken on hand and smothered the chicken and peppers with as much cheese as possible to cover up the taste. She detests bell peppers. It tastes amazing. I cut down the cheese because the way the bell peppers flavor the chicken during baking is way too good to cover up so much.

    My husband and I split this for breakfast.

    Lunch: JC’s Weirdo Ramen (christened by my brother)
    1 packet beef ramen, cooked and drained except for tiny bit of water.
    2 cups chopped broccoli, steamed.
    2 eggs, scrambled dry and minced fine (I just use the spatula-nothing special.)

    Stir it all together with seasoning pack from ramen.

    My husband and I split this for lunch. (I pre-make this, split it and send his half with him to work. It heats up in the microwave just fine.)

    Dinner: Garnet’s Teriyaki Bake and Fried Rice
    1 chicken breast, raw & diced with fat trimmed off and deboned.
    4 TB brown sugar
    3-4 TB Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (tastes way better than soy sauce!!!)
    1 TB Kikkoman Teriyaki marinade
    1 cup chopped broccoli, frozen

    Preheat to 350′. I use either a 8×8 square or 9″ round glass pan.
    Drop the sugar and Bragg’s in the pan. Mix until a smooth marinade texture. Mix the chicken into the mixture. (If you have time, feel free to marinate the chicken in the fridge for a couple hours. The flavor just gets better. If you don’t, no worries.) Lay the broccoli across the chicken. Drizzle the Teriyaki across the broccoli. Bake 35 minutes or until the chicken pulls away from the edges of the pan to clump toward the center a bit. My husband likes the chicken really well done. If you want it moister, 35 minutes is plenty.

    10 minutes before the Bake is finished, start the rice.

    2 cups favorite-style rice, cooked and cooled (day-old is great).
    1 cup green onions, chopped.
    1 egg
    4 TB Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (I swear, the stuff’s awesome.)
    1 TB Oil (I use a blend of canola and olive oil if I have a coupon and it’s on sale. Otherwise, I just use olive oil.)

    Pop your range burner to high. Get a flat-bottom skillet, 10″ or wider. I’ve found through strenuous testing that all stir-frying comes out better in a flat-bottom skillet than in a wok on an electric burner. If you have a gas one, feel free to find what works best for you.

    Drop the oil in the pan and swoosh it around with the spatula. I like to do it until it smokes, but then my husband always complains that I’m burning the kitchen down so at least get it sizzling hot. You can always fleck a tiny drop of water at the outside edge of the pan, away from any oil, to check that.

    Drop the onions into the oil and let them get a touch of caramelizing before shoving them to the side of the pan with the spatula and cracking the egg. Do a quick scramble with the egg. I don’t go dry, but do make sure it’s very done. I then mix the egg, oil and onions together quickly. I drop both cups of rice on top and combine. Then I add Bragg’s to taste. (I’m fine with 4 TB worth. My husband likes one extra dash. A good guide is for the rice to be a warm brown, but not burnt color. I strongly recommend having a small sauce bowl to the side to pop a bite amount into and check. If you add too much, it’ll do the same thing soy sauce does: turn the food into a salt mound. Bleh.)

    The rice is usually done a hair before the chicken. By the time I plate it, it’s time to plate the chicken too. My husband and I split these two for dinner.

    Kroger and Ingles both carry Bragg’s. Kroger has it in the health food section with other condiments. Ingles has it in the Asian section. A little goes a long way. I got it because it was a healthy alternative to soy sauce and Worstershire sauce. (I’m allergic to both.) My husband grudgingly tried it … and hasn’t looked back.

    I know this is a monster response. Chicken’s the cheapest meat I can get that doesn’t limit my cooking options. Rice and ramen are cheap as hell. I’ve stored broccoli for months in our freezer so have a head start on that. Our Ingles always has the pepper/onion frozen medley on sale so I have some of that on hand too. Cheese is not cheap, so choosing a dish I only use a bit in anyway is how I keep from wanting to buy a lot of it.

    I’ve been to a ton of job interviews already. There are two who want me, but something’s holding them back. What’s really horrible is that I feel no direction at all pulling/pushing me toward a job. I feel a pull to quilting, gardening and making my silly wrist warmers, but nothing I’d call responsible and realistic in helping with the bills. Not sure how to fix that.

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