January 27

Fool: Going Somewhere, Fast


Are you feeling that buzz in the air? That electric charge that’s making your hair stand on end and your pulse quicken?

It’s not just the coffee kicking in; it’s the Universe dialing it up.

As I sit here, my personal pile of “top-crap-I-get-wound-up-about” feels half mountain, half launchpad. Exciting? Could be. Disorienting? You bet. Anxiety-inducing? Sure, but we all signed up for this ride. And sometimes, we’re not entirely sure where we’re going to stop off.

That’s next week in a nutshell. Buckle up, friends.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Fool! Advice is the reversed Chariot, with additional info from the Seven of Pentacles. Cards are from Legacy of the Divine deck.

These cards certainly feel more optimistic than last week, don’t you think? Not that it’s a tall order to be more optimistic than a Ten of Swords forecast. But I’m not complaining!

Outlook is the Fool! Advice is the reversed Chariot, with additional info from the Seven of Pentacles.

I’m firmly crediting the current astrology—Uranus finally going direct—for this outlook, especially considering the Fool is associated with Uranus. We never know for sure where the Fool is heading, but we always know there will be surprises, sudden shifts, and probably, an urge for freedom. Because freedom and curiosity are at the heart of every Fool’s Journey.

Advice-wise, the reversed Chariot suggests likely changes of course. Chariot motion can be indirect, so it’s quite possible the shifts here are even more indirect than normal, suggesting side or periphery issues potentially changing the landscape in significant ways. That reversed Chariot is feeling sort of like being in the driver’s seat of a car you’ve lost control of. Just hang on and let the skidding stop, okay?

Clarification coming in the form of the Seven of Pentacles here would have us playing a long game. Don’t distress if you feel shifts this next week. If you’re sensitive to the energy, you will! You may also feel like you’re nowhere in the neighborhood of resolution. But it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. To the contrary, seeing sudden reversals of fortune, changes in direction, or otherwise shocking (Uranus) developments means we’re in sync with the Universal energy tides.

I am noting both the Chariot and the Pentacles here are sevens. Often, Tarot sevens point to spiritual trials of some sort, which require introspection to resolve, work best when addressed with strict personal integrity, and often end up in us making significant strides. We all like the progress part but may not be as hot on the potential disorientation that comes with it.

Seven is also an indication we’re more than halfway there—the trip from Ace to Ten in any suit is a full cycle. That’s always an encouraging reminder. That Seven of Pentacles suggest we should be seeing results when our perspective becomes less of a blur.

In short, expect to get your trip underway, probably faster than comfortable. You’ll likely experience plot twists with little idea where you’re going to land. Just hang on to your hats and roll with it.  Your efforts will bear fruit.

And right now, in the present moment, how about enjoying the freshness, newness, and fun we can extract from a Fool’s attitude?

As you navigate the week’s turns, remember: every detour, every unexpected stop, is just an opportunity to explore uncharted territory. After all, isn’t that where the magic happens? Stay curious.

Keep your eyes wide open for those hidden gems along the way—they’re there, waiting for you to find them!

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