October 22

Fool and the Blackbird


This song has been looping in my head for the last several days It’s loudest when I first wake up but hits me throughout the day.

“Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life…you were only waiting for this moment to arise.” —Blackbird by Paul McCartney

Waiting for this moment to arise…just waiting for THIS moment.

Every experience, wanted or not, helps shape who we are and in the process, turns us into more. We cannot live without expanding. Every moment up to now leads to now.

[bctt tweet=”Now is all there ever is. So love it as much as you can. #OnMyRadar” ]

Our whole life, we’ve been waiting for this moment–this now–to arise. Now is all there ever is. your sole point of power.

You cannot fully love who you are, now, without acknowledging that which shaped who you are for it’s contribution to defining. No matter what it was like, at the time.

In every problem, the instant it’s perceived, a desire for solution begins forming. The larger and louder the problem, the larger and louder the solution. Without need, improvements aren’t called forth so the two are married from inception: polarities, two ends of the same stick.

You cannot curse the problem that gave life to solution without simultaneously cursing solution that couldn’t have been without the initial problem that’s part of its DNA.

You cannot praise a solution without simultaneously giving thanks for it’s mother, the problem.

And the blackbird is still singing, even in the dead of night.

I want to be singing, too.

Upcoming Week in Tarot

In this rendition of The Fool from the Zombie Tarot, we see the gentleman as Fool archetype going to visit his zombie girlfriend. He knows who she is–in addition to the picnic lunch, he brings her a funeral wreath. Dude does realize she’s a zombie, obviously. And yet, he seems none too worried.

He may not be able to take her home to mom and they may have a vulture chaperone. But he’s a happy camper regardless.

He’s very firmly in the now…and just loving it the best he can.

Focusing on problems grows them. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s making the solution larger at the same time.

And focusing on the solutions helps shape it, while bringing the experience to the forefront of your attention.

All roads lead home. So you can’t really get it wrong.

I always shoot for what feels best, myself. Because I want to be singing, even if the dead of night.

Are you singing?

(If you want me, you know where to find me.)

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