June 13

Flashbacks & Undertow: High Priestess, 6 Swords Rx – Weekend Flow, June 14-15


high priestess six swords reversed

I pulled out the Housewives Tarot for the next several draws because frankly, I wanted a lighter touch. The vibe has been thick as molasses lately! Anxious, dark and murky. So why not look for something with a little bit of sass, not so serious, eh?

Except the cards say what they want to say. As if someone should need to tell me that. Ha! On the plus side, no expired mayo showed up for dinner. Whew…

First thing that strikes me, expect this weekend to feature significant emotional undertow. There is heavy and deep activity below the surface, with people going through plenty that isn’t visible without night vision goggles. We’re talking OLD issues, deep issues, long buried memories floating up.

If you didn’t already have a reason to be extra kind, you do now. And don’t forget to put yourself on the “be kind to” list. Always appropriate.

Saturday, Others – High Priestess: You may not already know everyone’s secrets, but you can at least acknowledge everyone’s got them. You have a few, right? If others behave in a way that befuddles, say nothing and just observe. The reason behind the oddness will surface if you get quiet and just allow space.

Rush today in any sense won’t work, but an openness, expectancy and overall receptiveness will be most effective, particularly in relationship. Turn your radar on. A good mantra for today would be, “If in doubt, wait it out.” It’s not a passive approach so much as it’s an allowing approach.

Sunday, What to Leave in the Past – Six of Swords Reversed: Seriously? Emotional battle scars are not something to flash at every social gathering. I’m not saying there’s not a time and a place. But if you repeatedly roll around in what you’ve been through and how you got over it, that’s a  sign you’re maybe not so “over it,” you know?

If you feel a drive to rehash the past, ask yourself what function it’s serving? I’m seeing a potential for a pity party Sunday if you go that route. But I’d rather see releasing the ugly details of struggles to focus on what those struggles earned you. That’s an infinitely more interesting story.

Happy Father’s Day! You can work with this energy in the context of the holiday by tuning in to Dad’s finer qualities and appreciating whatever gifts you got from the relationship without obsessing over any skeletons in the closet.  (We all have them, as the High Priestess just reminded us.) Just appreciate what you can honestly be grateful for, and graciously let the rest flow through you.

Overview/Advice – Ace of Cups Reversed: Pains of the past seem prominent this weekend. HOWEVER, at the same time there seems to be an excellent opportunity for emotional release if you avail yourself of it. Your story is not something that happens TO you—rather, it’s the context you give to what happens to you. Do you see the difference?  This weekend resurrects plot points from our personal stories with the opportunity to alter the outline of the manuscript. The data points are the same, but the interpretation and meaning in context is up to you to construct. That’s your power this weekend.

Affirmation: Life is always in motion, so I cannot be “stuck.” Maybe you’re not where you want to be yet. I’ll give you that—Hell. I’ll give most all of us that! Which really, tells me that we are still growing and striving and looking to move ahead. Growing and striving and moving ahead is often an uncomfortable thing, but it’s a damn worthwhile thing, too.

Some progress can be seen on the outside. A lot of what happens this weekend cannot. Doesn’t mean it’s not happening, or it’s not as important as the external. What one lets go of is every bit as important as what one keeps.

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  1. It’s the context, interpretation and meaning. So cool.

    I will say “I’m glad all for that stuff happened to me, because it has made me wise. I can then prevent it from happening again if I see the warning signs.”

    My vision has become pretty clear, although a bit jaded. Disillusioned but street-wise. I can tell who’s lying.

    Buh-bye naive dumbass (me).

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