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10/07/12: Temporary Retreat | Five Swords


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Are you feeling defeated? Worn down? Tired and ready to throw in the towel?

We’ve got the Psychic Tarot Oracle’s spin on the Five of Swords today. Now, I’m a big believer in the notion there are “no bad cards”—a GOOD card is the one that has what you need. And if you get it, that’s pretty much indication it has what you need somewhere in there! But I can’t lie—this isn’t pleasant energy.

I tend to identify most with the main figure on the card. In this case, it’s the fellow stumbling down the stairs, although it could show up for the defeating forces instead of the defeated forces just as easily.

I do find some encouragement, though, in the form of that candle at the bottom of the stairs. There IS a light. He’s like he’s retreating into himself, you know? He’s pulling back from the outside conflict to regroup, reconsider, and re-center.

Sometimes, going periscope down is an excellent (and necessary) reaction to battles. If you are feeling like this guy, retreat! Withdraw from the field, regroup, and tune in. That’s the best way to figure out what happened, and gather your strength. Then, you’ll be read to face the world, all shored up.

Are you ready for a retreat?

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