August 21

Five of Wands: Save Your Energy for What Counts


It’s been a bit of a week. That’s all I want to say about it right now. “A week.”

Except to say it’s pretty much on target for the energy I’m seeing next week. As usual, Tarot has something to say about it.

Next Week in the Cards

For outlook, we have Five of Wands, and advice from the Seven of Wands, here from the Star Tarot Deck.

Tarot Fives speak to destabilization. Struggle is a given–although I can’t tell you if it’s primarily internal or external. But don’t most external struggles have internal genesis? Five of Wands has often counselled me to this end.

I mean, it’s not what happens so much as what perspective you choose on what happens. And if you think you have no choice in the matter? Well, that’s not true.

You won’t feel your choice in the events of your life, how circumstances come together. But you do have some choice about how you feel by choosing among the perspectives you have access to.

You may not reach “peaceful” from “enraged” or “delighted” from “heartbroken.” I’ll give you that. But you can go from enraged to annoyed, or from heartbroken to just sad, easily enough.

You forget about “the TRUTH with a capital T” and start leaning into what feels a little better. You reach for mitigating thoughts, soften it up a bit, again and again until you feel some movement.

And this Seven of Wands offers some very clear and rather useful advice: don’t fight all the fights. And don’t pick your fights by what everyone else is doing. Instead, only fight those battles that really matter to you. whatever battle you may consciously choose, keep your behavior firmly rooted in your own principles, ethics, and sense of rightness.  Save your energy for what counts.

You can do that, right? Easier than trying to fight all the fights anyway. Use your energy for what counts and look for the most peaceful perspective you can find on the rest. Show up, do your best, get some rest, and do it all again tomorrow.

Much love, friends.

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Five of Wands, Seven of Wands, Star Tarot Deck

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