June 26

Five of Cups: Find the Rainbow (Together)


I’d just started to settle down a little bit, having been a bit anxious and and wound up about too many uncertainties coming up for me.

I accomplished this by telling myself exactly the same sort of things I tell everybody else.

“You don’t have to know all the details right this minute. You’ll figure it out as you go.  One step at a time. Moving in the right direction is enough. Everything will be fine. You’ll work it out. Have some faith and let go a little. You are doing fine.”

It works pretty well, until something else goes a little sideways and then it’s reevaluate and restart the self-comforting process. Because what else ya got, you know?

Next week? There may well be some “sideways.” But we can get by, with a little help from our friends.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Five of Cups–ouch. Advice is the Three of Cups–ahh. Cards are the lovely Star Tarot Deck. (Incidentally, she’s coming out with a borderless version of this deck which I want, but the large cards I have would make an excellent pathworking deck. Just sayin’.)

That Five I’ve seen recently, for me regarding the Capricorn Full moon. When I saw it that morning I wasn’t certain about the subject, but by the afternoon? There wasn’t any question.

Most likely when this kind of energy hits you…you’ll know, too.

I like the imagery on this version, especially since the Five is such a tough card. Behind the main character is a rainbow of butterflies. To me, the spilled cups as well as Those cups left standing (as Tarot readers so doggedly fixate upon) are all part of the complete cycle of life. I mean, c’mon. Butterflies veritably scream “death and rebirth.” We’re all part of a larger reality and there is a beauty and completeness about it, even if some bits of the ride isn’t exactly delightful.

Life is what it is. Sometimes, it’s just hard, you know? Some losses are not avoidable. The thing to remember about grief of any sort is that it’s solid indication you have had something WORTH grieving. The one and only surefire way to avoid grief is to not care. It wouldn’t be worth the cost, insulating yourself from it.

In fact as far as I’m concerned, the sense of loss that we sometimes feel is a fair trade. The more intense the feelings of loss, the more important the topic. While I don’t like it any more than anybody else, I will continue to surrender to it and accept it just as much as any of the rest of my feelings because it demonstrates I’m living a full life.

And with that in mind, that community coming together in the Three of Cups is especially welcome advice. Love and laughter smooths the rough edges of anything.

Celebrate what is worth celebrating with people whom you love and who love you. Look for joy and levity where you can find it and wrap yourself up in that love.

Yes, it rains in life. Sometimes, hard. Stay in close proximity to your tribe and look for the rainbow together.

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  1. Damn… you're so awesome Ms. Dixie! Not so positive outlook, with a positive spin at the end. Thanks for the heads up & the encouraging words!

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