February 23

02/23/12: Recovering from Loss | 5 of Cups, Rev 10 of Swords


I’ve been leaning towards doing more 1-card than 2 or 3-card draws for the Everyday Tarot lately, mostly because reading from a single card requires more focus. I think it can make the message especially powerful. But these two cards fell out together, clearly wanting to be seen as a unit. I’ve learned not to argue with Tarot that way, so here you are! And they make a good pair.

The Five of Cups (Mars in Scorpio) and reversed Ten of Swords (Sun in Gemini)—both of these are often not welcomed by the reader, because their energy is painful. But really, so is life at times. Even if these dark cards, I see a prescription for hope.

Mourn your losses. That’s not staying stuck in the past or wallowing in negative energy or any such thing. It’s FEELING and acknowledging your loss. Why are folks so intolerant of grief? It’s NATURAL and normal and right. A sense of loss comes from valuing pieces of your life that are no longer in place.

Now, is there something to learn there? Probably. There pretty much always is. But you’re not going to learn it until after you’ve felt that pain and cried those tears. Then (and only then) does it become manageable. Once your grieving is done, you can look to what you have left (the remaining cups) and you can go about pulling those prickly, painful swords out of your back, one at a time.

Do you find this true of processing your own losses?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Five of Cups, Mystic Dreamer, Ten of Swords

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