May 30

05/31/13: Feeling the Burn /10 Wands


‘You an’ me, we sweat an’ strain Body all achin’ an’ racked wid pain. ’Tote dat barge!’ ‘Lift dat bale!’ Git a little drunk an’ you land in jail.” –Old Man River lyrics


Well, I’m sorry. The “Old Man River” lyrics is what I thought of first, sitting down to write about this card.

Yes. Then Ten of Wands is heavy and it looks like toting these big sticks around takes everything this fellow has. I’ll give you my standard reminders: Tarot tens = end of the cycle, usually short-term. Plus this sky is blue, not cloudy. There’s not a lot of confusion as to why he’s doing this. The castle in the background is generally a symbol of wealth or accomplishment. He’s clearly taking those wands back towards the house.

So you know what I’m thinking? Yes, the burden is HEAVY. Yes, you’re tried of carrying it. I totally hear you. But it’s not without a point, and it’s not forever.

Just don’t get yourself landed in jail. Har!

Are you feeling the burn, man?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarotby Us Games Systems

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Radiant Rider Waite, Ten of Wands

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  1. Yikes Dixie, what do you mean by “just don’t get yourself landed in Jail ” I get the all of the rest but that one, I’m in a “pickle” type situation, you know the kids game right?? Go one direction you’ll get tagged out…. go opposite direction you’ll still get tagged out. How does one keep themselves out of “jail”??

    1. The “jail” thing was referencing the quote from the song quoted above. The formatting was off at first, I just fixed it, so you couldn’t read the quote well. Good luck, Michelle!

  2. Ha! This came at the end of a hard week. I mean HARD. And I’m early in what is to date the most challenging thing I have attempted in my life. So I might have an inkling. And it’s only for a year – then I get to do something harder! o/


    1. Also: where did I get an avatar for this site, do you know? I haven’t had red hair in some time. I think I will change that.

      1. That would be gravatar connected to your email address that it’s pulling the image from.

        Good luck on the HARD stuff, hopefully becoming less hard stuff. ♥

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