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02/05/13: Prepared for Anything / Knight of Wands


“I do not slay man or beast needlessly, and not gladly even when it is needed.” – Faramir


I was just gifted a new deck by one of my people—Lord of the Rings! Hello, Tarot geekiness! Thank you, dear!  (I SO have to reread these books now…it’s been years and years since I have.)

So today, we’ve got the Knight of Wands, Tolkien style.

This card features Faramir preparing for damned near impossible battle—against thousands of orcs. It was bound to be ugly and he didn’t relish it—but he ultimately did what he believed he needed to do. Though wounded, he did survive.

The message I take from this is straightforward: prepare yourself, and move forward doing what you need to do. It may not be joyful (and perhaps it shouldn’t be), but stand up and be fully ready to fight your way through.

Sometimes, we need to take down an orc or two. Even if you don’t want to, you’d be well-advised to take stock and be ready to go the distance, should you need to do so.

Can you use this energy about now?


Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck & Card Game

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  1. Everyone in my family can absolutely use this energy! Everyone’s “orcs” are different yet a battle just the same.

    Hubby jokingly mocks our daughter’s love of all thing Tolkien yet this card is more for him than anyone else. Years ago he fought a damned near impossible battle and HE overcame due to his amazing battle plan & lack of ego. He was wounded yet survived & begrudgingly is battling again but on a much smaller scale. He is fine tuning his way to learning the lesson required to eliminate battling the same “orcs” in the future.

    Great 1st card from a quirky deck

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