May 4

Everyday Tarot, 5/4/11: Feeling Disconnected / Inverted 2 of Cups


inverted-reversed-two-cups-tarot-morgan-greerI don’t call myself an astrologer, but I am a sky-watcher. That new moon? Hit my 10th house; all this Taurus stuff coming up is dancing around my the top of the my chart. So we’re talking public persona and reputation.

That’s why I watch the sky. It makes me laugh!

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Cups, reversed. The “Lord of Love” is associated with Venus in Cancer. It speaks to who you love (Venus), the union where you most feel at home (Cancer).

While romance is sometimes referenced, not always. Any kind of coming together, can be implied. But it’s generally a good paring. Twos talk of duality—we have the yin and the yang in equal measure. Inverted, I look for mixed feelings, a holding back, or some kind of disruption in an otherwise comfortable, harmonious union.

You can also see this card inverted when you’re feeling isolated—unloved or unwanted, foreign or inscrutable. Separate. I usually don’t see the Two of Cups for an out-and-out breakup—that’s more the Eight of Cups or Three of Swords venue. The inverted two of Cups shows up more with emotional distancing.

I understand. I’ve had shifts in partnerships, and no matter what the terms, transition are by their nature unsettling. I often feel out of sync with the world at large, and it becomes exaggerated under stress.  So I’m doing my best to be aware of my feelings and deal with them as they surface. I’m focusing on where I want to go, looking to connect to what and whom I love (Venus), people and pockets of energy that feel like “home” (Cancer).

Being aware of your feeling process helps you stay on top of the situation, and finding other outlets eases the sting when you’re feeling less connected. It helps you work your way back to feeling more comfortable.

Are you feeling connected?

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  1. Interesting card today Dixie. I’ve felt a little “disconnected” for a few days & I’m trying to move past this but with all the “stuff” going on right now it’s hard to move past certain topics.

    Taurus is in my 9th house with no planets – whatever that means (hehe).

    BTW, we watched Pulp Fiction this weekend & when we saw Mr. Wolfe both my husband & son COMPLETELY agreed w/ your assesment – that’s ME! Note taker, fixer, abrupt, cusses & can get a stain out of anything!

  2. I have Venus-Saturn, so the feeling of being unloved or unwanted and unconnected is something I know all too well. But at this moment, I am striving for more connectedness with people. I am working on it and have a plan.

  3. Yes I’m like a steamroller. It’ll take some time to get me moving but once I’m off, it’s almost impossible to stop me. And I have almost all of my personal planets in 6th, so I might not be a Virgo but I do like planning

    I hope you’ll feel more in sync with the world soon too.

  4. ((Dixie)) You sure have been drawing a lot of inverted cards, ehe? Whenever I see an inverted CUP, I always question, is there some ’emotion’ that I need to let go of? I know for me (Scorpio), I’m always tempted to poke at it just one more time, and that’s when I usually get the Cup inverted… XO

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