June 19

Everyday Tarot, 06/19/11: Thought I Threw That Out! Death, Rev.


IMG_1370When I’m in the process of…well, processing, I have this back and forth thing I do. I get upset, feel like crap a while, get a handle on the thoughts surrounding, and think I’m golden. Except a little down the road, something else triggers it, and I do the same thing.

It irritates me to no end, thinking I’ve mastered a topic and getting sent back repeatedly to retake the quizzes. But I guess that’s more workable that sudden, sweeping, clean-the-whole-house change.  It just feels a little like failure, in the moment.

Today’s Forecast is Death, inverted or “The Child of the Great Transformers,” associated with Scorpio. We’ve already made friends with the mustard, but we really need to toss out this mayo!

It can feel like a disappointment, repeatedly fighting the same battles—especially internal ones. But don’t forget, with each go-round, you make progress. You’re cleaning out a little more, each time you go through the fridge to see what’s old news and discard it. Transformation is process, and it sometimes takes a while to finish the job. That’s not only okay—that’s exactly as it should be. Then, each step of the way, we have opportunity to integrate and make the change on a deep level. The change then really belongs to us.

You smelling leftovers you thought you’d already thrown out?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Death, Housewives Tarot, Inverted, Major Arcana, Scorpio, Tarot Fours

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  1. My obsessive thought for the day is now the phrase “Child of the Great Transformers” I will obsess over whether I need a t-shirt that says that because my goodness that rings with my chart.
    As for the lesson here, Saturn direct. Here it comes again! We are gonna do this..one..more..time. That eases my frustration. I’m ready to show I’ve learned it and am MORE than ready to mooooove on. Show me what I need to smooth over one last time and lets get it done (really really worked hard to suppress Larry the Cable Guy energy right there)

  2. Another “OMG” response to your cards & YES I AM smelling stuff I thought I’d thrown out.

    You know what/whom the mayo represents to me (see 5/18) even though it wasn’t for my sandwich-hehe I was accepting the use of a new condiment after the mayo expired. Well apparently the jar was just pushed to the back of their fridge. As for my fridge I’m cleaning away by being detached.

    You are so loved & appreciated here & so I’m sending you some BROOM vibes to help you continue cleaning – so sweep away my pink haired friend!

    Blessings to you (((((D)))))

  3. Oh man, does this card fit for me! Glad to know it’s not just me!!! (and my same old same old, again). Thanks. I was heading towards reacting in the same old way (since my efforts at progress obviously were futile!) (poor me, I know,) But I will try to not vent my (how embarrassing, see? still there!) anger. Thank you! (taking deep breaths)

    1. Lilly, I am RIGHT there with you. And yes, I still have anger, too. It’s not my favorite emotion, not my natural state, but you know, I’m being kind to myself, allowing myself to feel whatever I feel, and it takes the bang out of it. I can accept it without embracing it or fighting it–that lets is pass through without my attaching to it. That’s my goal. (((Lilly)))

  4. Awesome. First, I gotta say that I LOVE this particular deck’s artistic representation of “Death.” Without lessening its meaning, it makes me laugh. And that’s always a good thing.

    Anyway, I totally get this! Like Josi said: “We are gonna do this..one..more..time.” I’ve had this happen – where the same situation comes up that I THOUGHT I had worked through. But I’ve realized that the important bit is whether or not I fully realize that it’s the SAME situation, and I have a choice in deciding how to react (or not). It’s like the Universe is asking me: “Here it is again. Now, what are you going to do…. THIS time?”

    When I see the same hole in front of me and make the choice to walk around it instead of climbing or falling into it, then I know I’ve learned the lesson and have finally passed the test. And I won’t have to see that hole again!

    1. I do love this deck, so non-threatening without losing the essence. The Devil card in this deck is my all-time favorite.

      I am still trying to walk around the hole, myself. Hope I don’t fall in! Tired of getting banged up over it.

  5. Just in from long day’s work, and checking out further responses on the subject. So helpful today, thanks!

  6. I do this, too. I used to get frustrated with it … okay, to be quite honest, I still do … but I’m getting better!

    It’s like my abuse. It took me about eight years to clear 90% of that stuff up and, though I’ll still uncover things that are squirmy sometimes, for the most part it no longer fazes me. It is what it is, I’ve made my peace with it.
    That particular mayo jar has been washed, rinsed, and boiled, and now houses a plant. So there! On to the next one…

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