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06/04/13: Esoteric Education / High Priestess, 9 Pentacles



Tarot_2_The_High_Priestess9_of_Pentacles Well, if ever there was a combo that emphasized esoteric education, this is it! The High Priestess is the knower of secrets, and the Nine of Pentacles is the woman blessed with the benefit of education.

The layering effect of the Transparent Tarot has the learned woman lounging upon the Pentacles of learning, providing support and a substantial benefit to her, with the foundational chair appearing as an extension of that crescent moon. Below her, the book of knowledge is wide open. And she holds one of the pentacles in above, balanced comfortably on her finger.

She uses what’s she’s learned to effect change in her physical world. Brilliant!

I take this as a good time for study, especially of spiritual or esoteric matters. It will yield real-world results.

Have you been feeling drawn to study?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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High Priestess, Nine of Pentacles, Transparent Tarot

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  1. That is a gorgeous combo, Dixie. The transparent tarot really brings that one to life. I’ve said it before–you’re a master with this deck.

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