July 26

07/26/12: What’s Mama got to say? | Empress



Me to my astrologer: “When am I going to be done with mommy issues?”

My astrologer: “You have Moon square Saturn. That’s a contract with Mommy issues!”

Me: “Arrrgggghhhhhh!” [paraphrased]

Okay. Seriously, Tarot. Really? We JUST had the Empress! Did I miss something?  On the plus side, I must admit I like being of an age that seeing the Empress doesn’t make me want to run out and buy a pregnancy test. So bully for that fact. But still…

The Empress is associated with Venus, mothering and creativity. She is perpetually pregnant with something or other, the ultimate archetypical Tarot Mama (and hence counterpart to the Emperor, aka the Tarot Daddy).

I can’t think she’s here to remind me to be more motherly. I’ve got estrogen gushing, for God’s sakes! My work smacks of the maternal–not as in telling people what to do, but as in being all about the nurturing and loving approach. Family, friends, animals all seem to know I will try to emotionally care for them and whenever possible, feed them as well. I’ve got the mother gene in spades.

So what does she want to say?

Maybe she’s here to nudge me about creative efforts. I write, obviously. And yes, it’s creative. But writing on a schedule about a predetermined topic isn’t quite the same thing as writing for the sheer joy of it, or painting or sewing or making jewelry or whatever, you know.

Maybe she’s here to remind me to mother myself a little more. Take that afternoon off to play, turn down the nagging that it’s not productive enough (it IS!), and do just for the pleasure as opposed to always for the purpose. Love thyself as unconditionally as one would seek to love others. That’s a type of mothering many of us could do with more of. Or maybe I’m just projecting again.

Does the Empress have something to say to you today?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Morgan-Greer, The Empress

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  1. HA! @ doesn’t make me want to run out and buy a pregnancy test. So bully for that fact..lol. TRUTH!

    I’ve been nesting lately. Which means I’m getting ready to birth something and it is most definitely in the creative realm. I’ve go so many dang mulit-media projects going on right now (Jupiter in Gemini squaring my Venus, I’m guessing) I’m thinkin maybe my focus will become more clear when Merc goes direct? I hope?

    Mommy issues made me laugh too. Moon square Neptune, Saturn in the 4th, Sun conjunct Ceres..yeah, I feel ya. LOL

  2. “Take off the afternoon to play,” sounds good. Finish cleaning your mess and you’ll have done enough work, honey, and it’ll be time for a break.

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