December 8

Empress: Self Love Blooms Us


He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still. – Lao Tzu

I’ve always loved that quote, because I’ve always felt the truth of it. Self-mastery also feels a lot better and is far more reliable than needing to wrangle outside forces to comply.

“‘Needing to wrangle outside forces to comply’ is euphemism for ‘parenting,'” says Dixie’s brain. 

If you trust the world to spin properly without personal input, if you just let yourself love, knowing the Universe works out the important bits? Then you don’t need to tilt the world just so to feel happy and confident and safe within it.

If you peace is internal, nobody can touch it. That’s freedom.

And the trust? It includes trusting in yourself.

Now is enough. You are enough. Doing what you know how to do, in the place you happen to be right now? It’s enough.

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This Week in Oracles

Here we have “Nurture,” aka the Empress from the Tarot of the Heart. She’s very fertile, in every sense of the word. Creation and regeneration are her very important tasks. She’s couple with Nasturtium, associated with “Victory & Conquest” from the Botanical Inspirations Oracle. She knows how to bring her intentions to life.

One thing you’ll never find the Empress doing is criticizing herself. She hasn’t energy for that! Self-criticism is a weed in the garden that chokes out the blossoms. She’s not going to dilute her creative energy by eating away at her own power.

Make no bother about what you could have done differently, or the mistakes you’ve made. Every second of every day, every bit of every choice, has become thread in the fabric of who you are, right now. It’s part of you. To condemn past you is to condemn present you and that never serves. It takes away your power from the only place you ever really have any–now–and chokes out your blossoms.

Instead of second-guessing ourselves, what if we just declared ourselves doers-of-the-best=we-know-how-to-do? I like becoming more than I was before. I like growth. And every bit of experience contributes to growth.

Even–no, especially–the challenging bits of life shape us in beautiful ways. So who’s to say, the one-of-a-kind works of art we become were somehow “wrong?”

Love every bit of who you are! Love the flaws just as much as the shinier spots–the flaws need it more and besides, love heals flaws. Love helps you understand what you are calling flaws, aren’t. They are just part of your creative process.

Pay no mind to anyone or anything else beyond serving your truest intention of being yourself. Quite simply, that’s living your life full of love and goodwill and unapologetic integrity to the notion of being as much you as you know how to be.

We need you to be you. Nobody else is more qualified for the job!

The beautiful thing about doing this is it becomes easier and easier to feel love for others as you do. Everything starts in the mirror and works it’s way out.

Armchair Astrology

Mercury remains retrograde until the 22nd of December. This one has felt fairly intense to me as far as Mercury retrogrades go. But that doesn’t mean it’s not immensely helpful. Just keep your calm and centered and take on what you’ve got right in front of you. This is a time of energetic cleanup and clarification. You’ll be covering familiar ground in one way or another and you’ll find opportunity and insight within the trek. So just take your time and let it happen. Lean into self care and know that what needs to be sorted out, is being sorted out.

You’re doing fine. Really.

2018 Zodiac Lookahead Readings

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Be kind to yourselves out there!

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