July 8

Empress Reversed: Whose Business?


I think we put ourselves under a lot of unnecessary stress when we feel the need to solve all the problems. Who knows best? Is it you? Me? Them? The smart ones? The famous ones? The spiritual ones?

We certainly can (and will) have opinions on what’s best. That’s what life experience does: offers a frame of reference on what’s best, from our personal perspective. We may even share those opinions on occasion if we feel moved to do so or are asked.

But that doesn’t mean we’re to go off trying to save the world–or even just a single bit of the world.

Dignity is a sense of personal value. Dignity is an understanding of one’s own worth, internally generated. As such, dignity cannot be given or taken from outside parties, although it could well be influenced by others if we allow it to be.

Pride (as Confucius is using the word), implies a sense of being better than others. Such comparisons are mostly undertaken when someone is not feeling their inherent worth and must seek external yardsticks to temporarily bolster it. If you feel solid, it’s not necessary to rank yourself against anyone else. It’s also not necessary to step in and try to save anybody.

Setting your own course no matter what is an act of dignity. Declaring yourself a  necessary savior is an act of pride.

I will tell you right now, though: this was a tough lesson to learn as a mom. 

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Which brings me to this week’s Tarot.

We’ve got the Empress from Tarot Illuminati reversed, along with Dahlia – Dignity, from the Botanical Inspirations deck. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

This isn’t the week for mothering the world. Just mother yourself. Take care of yourself. Express your own creativity and magic(k) and let the rest of the world do their own thing.

And it doesn’t matter one little whit how “right” you are, about the rest of the world or any given part of it. You could have a near 100% agreement with all of humanity on what’s proper. Even so, we don’t have the perspective to see what brings anyone else to the place they are. We don’t have the insight to know what these experiences are creating for them or how the details fit into the bigger canvas. But what’s more, we don’t have the right to live anyone else’s life. Our own life is ours to steer. That’s it.

Do you want to make a difference? Awesome! Do that by first loving and caring for yourself. If you’ve got that down and well-practiced, you’ll find it far, far easier to love other people.

The best gift you can give to another is not your wisdom or advice. It’s believing in the power of their own wisdom and advice–and shining a light on that for them by seeing and acknowledging it yourself. Your faith in them helps trigger their own like a tuning fork. That’s the real gift.

Looking to get better tuned in for yourself? Give me a holler. ~Dix

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