July 15

Empress Reversed: Your Balance is Your Job


I’m looking to live a more self-centered life.

No, really.

I am looking to stay in my own skin, driving in my own lane, minding my own business and doing the best I personally can.

Minding my own energy.

Really, living an “other-centered” life is not possible anyway. You do what you do for what it gives you, even if what it is giving you right then is a good feeling.

But the less you try to back-seat drive other people’s cars, the better of you’re going to be.

Trying to modulate your behavior and approach to obtain what you want from others is trying to control the inherently uncontrollable. That’s a recipe for headaches, no?

We cannot know what another thinks. We cannot divine what another needs, especially from a universal/eternal perspective. We cannot walk in another’s shoes, much as we may look to understand. There is a limit because we’re individual beings having individual experiences, albeit together.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be lacking compassion. If you don’t feel the need to decide for the world and you don’t feel the need to make something happen and you don’t feel responsible for correcting anyone or any thing, you’re free to just let others be. You can be compassionate, or appreciate, or just will good for them. There are no strings.

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I like living my life without strings. I can make my job one of loving and appreciating as much of this world as I can. I can focus on my expertise: being the best me, I know how to be.

Not my job to keep the world in balance. Just my job to keep me in balance.

How’s your sense of balance?

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey. I’m getting ready to take a look at what the vibe is doing right now, get a feel for what’s coming up in the next week. Hang on.

Got the Empress reversed. Let’s pull a clarification. Judgement reversed. Okay.

There’s a tendency to try and feel your way around what other people need. And try to…recalibrate your approach, your own needs, your own what-you-do, based on other people’s responses to it. Now, that pretty much never will serve you. And in this case, it’s specifically gonna get in the way of you taking care of yourself.

It’s gonna hamper your creativity. It’s going to interfere or diminish what you’re trying to make.

Just plug into what you’re trying to do. And let the rest of the world take care of itself. Now, that’s never bad advice. But this week, it’s gonna make a big difference both in how well your projects come out, but also in how well the creativity flows and how you feel.

Because quite frankly, it’s draining to try and tilt the world to keep everybody else in balance.

Your job is to keep YOU in balance! Let the rest of the world do their own job. Okay?

That’s my message for right now. I hope it’s helpful to you.

If you are not watching this on afoolsjourney.com, why not? Go check me out. I usually write a little bit extra there. And take care, peace out, have an awesome week! Okay? I’ll see you later.

Bye bye!

Mmmmmmmmmm. Peace out.

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